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For the first time, movies and programming created specifically for debut on videocassette, DVD or the Internet are being recognized with their own awards. The newly formed, annual Video Business Video Premiere Awards acknowledges the breadth and quality of made-for-video productions, which represent $1 billion in annual revenue. Video Business, a leading trade magazine for the home entertainment industry and creator of these awards, announced today the nominees and winners for the 2000 Video Premiere Awards.

"Made-for-video production is one of the largest growing -- and often overlooked -- segments of the entertainment industry," said Scott Hettrick, editor-in-chief of Video Business. "Our goal in creating the Video Premiere Awards is to formally recognize the creative talent behind these high-quality productions that have their first life on video."

"I am thrilled to see that the direct-to-video market is being recognized for its creative contribution to entertainment," said Jeffery Katzenberg, co-founder of DreamWorks, SKG. "The creative work that goes into these productions continues to reach new heights and adds to the overall success of the category." (Katzenberg is executive producer of last year's Video Premiere movie "Joseph: King of Dreams.")

Nominees and winners in the 2000 Video Business Video Premiere Awards were recognized in 21 categories, including such time-honored awards as acting, directing, writing and song. In addition, the Video Premiere Awards also highlighted non-traditional categories such as Internet videos; audio commentaries and original documentaries produced for special edition DVDs; and the unprecedented distinction for Best Animated Character Performance. The first formal Video Premiere Award event to honor the creative achievement in productions released in 2001 will be held in Hollywood late this fall.

In conjunction with the Video Premiere Awards, Video Business also announced the creation of the Video Premieres Academy, whose membership includes the presidents of every major studio's home video division, the Video Software Dealers Association and the DVD Entertainment Group.

Also launched today was a new Video Premieres website accessible through and monthly electronic Video Premieres magazine. Both publications track the development, production, release schedules, sales and rental activity of animated and live-action movies made for video, as well as original Internet videos and original supplemental material for special DVD editions of theatrical releases.

Out of the qualifying titles from the year 2000, a Blue Ribbon panel of judges composed of actors, directors, producers, writers, composers, cinematographers as well as editors and reviewers representing Playboy, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Variety/Daily Variety, Video Business and the DVD-LaserDisc Newsletter, independently viewed each of the nominated titles during the past month. Their rankings in each category were submitted privately and tallied by Video Business.

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