Success, May, 1998


ATTIAZAZ "BOB" DIN, 45 Founder/CEO, En Pointe Technologies Inc., Los Angeles, Calif. Type of business: Computer resale Revenue: $491, 358, 145 (for fiscal year ending 9/30/97) Number of employees: 477 Founded: 1993 WOW FACTOR Built a half-billion-dollar business in five years Ranking by revenue: 1

ROBERT FARLEY, 52 CEO/chairman, C. D. Smith Drug Co., St. Joseph, Mo. Type of business: Supplying wholesale pharmaceuticals Revenue: $465,184,935 Number of employees: 330 Founded: 1886 (Farley became the largest single shareholder after an employee buyout in 1991) WOW FACTOR Rescued a 100-year-old company, and turned it into one of America's largest drug wholesalers Ranking by revenue: 2

IRMA ELDER President, Troy Ford, Troy, Mich. Type of business: Ford car dealership Revenue: $308,500,781 Number of employees: 104 Founded: 1967 WOW FACTOR With little management experience, Elder took over the company in 1983 when her husband died and went on to win nearly two dozen major awards for entrepreneurial achievement Ranking by revenue: 4

MARTIN BABINEC, 43 Founder/CEO/largest individual shareholder, TriNet Employer Group Inc., San Leandro, Calif. Type of business: Human-resources outsourcing for venture companies Revenue: $248,223,014 Number of employees: 110 Founded: 1988 WOW FACTOR Pioneered human-resources outsourcing Ranking by revenue: 6

WILLIAM W. DAVIS SR., 48 Founder/president/CEO/owner, Pulsar Data Systems Inc., Lanham, Md. Type of business: Integrating computer systems; designing networks Revenue: $162,000,000 Number of employees: 107 Founded: 1982 WOW FACTOR Boasts $1.5 million in sales per employee Ranking by revenue: 8

DR. ROBERT SHILLMAN, 52 Founder/president/CEO/chairman, Cognex Corp., Natick, Mass. Type of business: Developing computer hardware and software Revenue: $155,340,000 Number of employees: 400 Founded: 1981 WOW FACTOR: "Dr. Bob," as he's affectionately called by staffers, rewards employees with $10,000 bonuses Ranking by revenue: 9

NOEL IRWIN-HENTSCHEL, 46 Cofounder/CEO/chairman, American Tours International Inc., Los Angeles, Calif. Type of business: Operating inbound tours Revenue: $150,000,000 (estimated) Number of employees: 400 in season Founded: 1977 (with Michael Fitzpatrick, 57, president) WOW FACTOR Brings billions of tourist dollars in the U.S. Ranking by revenue: 12

OPRAH WINFREY, 44 Founder/CEO/chairman, Harpo Entertainment Group, Chicago, Ill. Type of business: Television and film production Revenues: $140,000,000 (estimate(*)) Number of employees: 135 Founded: 1986 WOW FACTOR Motivates millions each day; her company produces the highest-rated talk show in television history Ranking by revenue: 13

DAVID L. STEWARD, 47 Founder/CEO/chairman, WorldWide Technology, St. Louis, Mo. Type of business: Providing systems-integration Revenue: $136,000,000 Number of employees: 170 Founded: 1990 WOW FACTOR Fastest-growing information-technology integrators in the U.S. Ranking by revenue: 14

WILLIAM G. MAYS, 52 Founder/president/owner, Mays Chemical Co. Inc., Indianapolis, Ind. Type of business: Distributing chemicals Revenue: $120,000,000 Number of employees: 140 Founded: 1980 WOW FACTOR Most successful consolidator in the category Ranking by revenue: 15

Charles Bronson

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