Vendors & product: more buyers hit the market in search of cheaper genre fare and big-budget hits. (MIFED 2002).

Issue: Oct 28, 2002

All information in the product listings was submitted by the companies. The Mifed market runs Nov. 3-7 in Milan, Italy.


Adriana Chiesa Enterprises

Booth: Hall 10-3, Office E06

Phone: 4303-3001

Attending: Adriana Chiesa Di Palma, president; Rossella Gori, sales manager.


"La forza del passato," Drama. Director, Piergiorgio Gay; cast, Bruno Ganz, Sergio Rubini, Sandra Ceccarelli. Based on the novel by Sandro Veronesi concerning a man in his 40s who sees his secure life shattered. Screening.

"Two Friends" (Due Amici), Black comedy. Directors, Spiro Scimone, Francesco Sframeli; cast, Scimone, Sframeli, Felice Andreasi. A soft-spoken laborer and a hardened killer live estranged in a dimension that exists only for them. Screening. "The Soul Keeper" (Prendimi L'anima), Love story. Director, Roberto Faenza; cast, lain Glen, Emilia Fox, Craig Ferguson. Screening.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Office B21


Web site:

Attending: Dariusz Zawislak, president-CEO; Magda Kasprzyk, sales coordinator.


"A Very Christmas Story," Family comedy. Producer-director, Dariusz Zawislak; cast, Jan Englert, Pawel Burczyk, Bartosz Opania. Adventures of an accountant with a briefcase full of money, a girl looking to save her orphanage and an angel of death. Completed.

"Caroline and a Magic Stone," Comedy. Producer, Dariusz Zawislak; director, Jowita Gondek; cast, Nastassja Kinski, Olivier Shiflish. A little girl finds a magic blue bead that can fulfill all her wishes. Post-production.

"Big, Bigger & Biggest," Adventure. Kate and Peter save the world from alien attack. In development.


Booth: Hall C3, Stand 327


Attending: Bill Gardiner; William Baughn; David Myrk.


"The Walking," Horror. Cast, R.G. Armstrong, Tim Card, Graham Timbes. A couple trapped in a nightmare filled town with ghouls and demons. Completed.

"Making a Killing," Thriller. Cast, Hywel Morgan, Sean Gallagher, Milton. An insurance scam goes bad as a maniac on the loose viciously murders young women. Completed.

"A Time and a Place," Family Drama. Cast, Samuel Meitner, Jacob Gagnon, Maryanne Johnston. A 10-year-old and his grandfather drive 3,000 miles to watch their favorite baseball player pitch his last game. Completed.

Alliance Atlantis

Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 2, Stand E04

Attending: Charlotte Mickie, managing director, intl. motion picture sales; Irene Read, managing director, intl. distribution; Ariel Veneziano, director, intl. motion picture sales


"Dirty Deeds," Comedy. Producers, Bryan Brown, Debbie Balderstone; director, David Caesar; cast, Brown, Sam Neill, Toni Collette. A comical look at a legendary incident in Sydney's organized crime world in the 1960s. Screening.

"Virginia's Run," Family. Producers, Robert Schwartz, Leif Bristow; director, Peter Markle; cast, Gabriel Byrne, Joanne Whalley, Lindze Letherman. A courageous young girl and her horse try to win the Memorial Day endurance race. Completed.

"Personal Velocity," Drama. Producers, Gary Winick, Lemore Syvan, Alexis Alexanian; director, Rebecca Miller; cast, Kyra Sedgwick, Parker Posey, Fairuza Balk. Three American women struggle to make sense of their lives. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Stand B35


Attending: James R. Moder, president; Janet Liu, Andre King, VPs, sales


"Las Vegas Warrior," Action. Producer-director, Nastasha Baron; cast, Laurie Hanley, Suk Woo Nam. A journalist investigates underground fighting after a martial artist is killed in a fight.

"Throttle," Action. Producer, Atul Sharma, Cheryl Bedford; director, Sharma; cast, Liam Watson, Jody Booth. An ex-con's plans to live it up change when he learns his partner's orphaned son is in a foster home.

"Horrorvision," Horror. Producer, J.R. Bookwalter, Scott Phillips; director, Danny Draven; cast, Jake Leonard, James Black. A Web master finds horror at

Amazing Movies

Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B08


Web site:

Attending: Douglas Witkins, president; Koing Kuoch, VP, sales & acquisitions.


"The Long Ride Home," Action Adventure. Producer, Paul Tinder; director, Robert Marcarolli; cast, Eric Roberts, Randy Travis, Ernest Borgnine. Jack must fight the law to clear his name and reunite with his wife and son. Completed.

American Cinema

Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B34

Attending: George Shamieh, CEO; Chevonne O'Shaughnessy, president.


"Purgatory Flats," Thriller. Producer, John Kelly; director, Harris Done; cast, Vincent Ventresca, Greg Henry, Brian Austin. A doctor just out of prison meets a beautiful temptress. Screening.

"Wannabes," Crime. Producers, A. Charles Addessi, Charles A. Addessi, Nicole Cragi; directors, A. Charles Addessi, Charles A. Addessi, William Demeo; cast, DeMeo, Conor Dubin, Raymond Serra. Two brothers decide to join organized crime.

"The Playaz Court," Crime. Producers, Antonio Cortese, Jeannie Flynn-Morgan, Britton Hein; director, Greg Morgan; cast, Gilbert Brown, Bob Cochrane, Arlen Escaparpeta. The game of life plays out on the courts of Inglewood.

American World Pictures

Booth: Hall 8, Stand A05

Phone: 4303-3744


Attending: Mark Lester, president; Todd Olsson, exec VP, acquisitions & distribution; Jennifer Dillon, director, intl. sales.


"Chopin: Desire for Love," Drama. Producers, Jerzy Antczak, Pawel Rakowski; director, Antczak; cast, Danuta Stenka, Piotr Adamczyk. A family is torn by the clash of wills between two great artistic temperaments. Screening.

"The Anarchist Cookbook," Black Comedy. Producers, Robed Latham Brown, Amy Greenspun, Jordan Susman; director, Susman; cast, Gina Phillips, Devon Gummersal, Dylan Bruno. Johnny pushes the envelope of anarchy. Screening.

"Stealing Candy," Thriller. Producers, Dana Dubovsky, Mark Lester; director, Lester; cast, Coolio, Daniel Baldwin, Alex McArthur. Three ex-convicts kidnap a famous movie star to star in an Internet sex film but find she's no innocent victim. Screening.


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America Video Film

Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B38

Phone: 4800-4080, fax 2469-1009


Attending: Enrique Maya, president; Freddie Hancock, senior VP, acquisitions; Claudio Braslavsky, marketing director.


"Ice Planet," Sci-fi. Producer, Hendrik Hey; director, Winrich Kolbe; cast, Wes Studi, James O'Shea. The end of our world is the beginning of another. Completed.

"Escape Human Cargo," Thriller. Producers, Mace Neufeld, Robed Rehme; director, Simon Wincer; cast, Treat Williams. An American trapped in Saudi Arabia tries to escape. Completed.

"Tracker," Sci-fi. Producer, Gil Grant; director, Mikael Salomon; cast, Adrian Paul. An alien is sent to Earth to retrieve 218 alien fugitives. Completed.


Booth: Stand C8 A28


Attending: Alan Solomon, president; Joseph Beral, director, intl. servicing.


"Wind and Cloud," Martial Arts. Director, Chin-Liang Hsu; cast, Sonny Chiba, Man Cheuk Chiu, Annie Wu. Two martial artists struggle for power, romance and a legendary sword. Completed.

"Alone in the Dark," Thriller. cast, Steven Craine, Robin Askwith, Jason Donovan. A group of friends investigates paranormal mysteries. Completed.

"The Circuit 2," Action Adventure. producer-director, Jalal Merhi; cast, Oliver Gruner, Lorenzo Lamas. A fighter returns to the ring after his fiancee is killed while reporting on an underground fight circuit. Completed.


Booth: Stand C21

Phone: 5519-8938


Attending: William H. Hoehne, chairman; Joyce L. Chow, CEO-CFO; Matthew Eastman, VP, production.


"Chapter 3 Phoeenix," Sci-fi. Producer, William Hoehne; directors, J.L. Chow, Matt Eastman; cast, Bill Herrmann, Stephanie Le Gee, B.D. Hoehne. In production.

"Oxicat," Family. Producer-director, Joyce Chow; cast, Stephanie Joyce. In production.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 1, Stand A07

Phone: 4303-3577, fax 4303-3584


Web site:

Attending: Gary Hamilton, managing director; Victor Syrmis, chairman; Michael Stone, VP, sales.


"The Poet," Thriller. Producers, Arno Ortmair, Jonathan English; director, Paul Hills; cast, Dougary Scott, Laura Elena Harring, Jurgen Prochnow. A contract killer falls for a woman grieving for her dead brother. Post-production.

"Bollywood Queen," Comedy. Producers, Michael Cowan, Jason Piette, Michelle Turner; director, Jeremy Wooding; cast, Preeya Kalidas, James McAvoy, Ian McShane. West Side Story goes East in this heart-warming homage to Bollywood musicals. Post-production.

"Dream Warrior," Producers, Rainer Mockert, Fred Weintraub, Tom Kuhn; director, Zachary Weintraub; cast, Daniel Goddard, Sherilyn Fenn, Lance Henriksen. A man with extrahuman powers runs from the government. Post-production.


Booth: Hall 10/III, Office F07


Web site:

Attending: Elisena Tatalo, head of sales.


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"A Place to Stay," Romantic drama. Director, Marcus Thompson; cast, Colm O'Maonial, Amanda Ray-King. A love story develops during a dramatic social conflict in an English village. Screening.

"Alias," Horror. Director, Ian Verheyen; cast, Hilde de Baerdemaeker, Geert Hunaerts. When Eva accidentally tapes the death of a beautiful young woman she becomes trapped in a horrifying chain of events. Screening.

"Finding Fortune," Thriller/road movie. Director, Robbie Moffat; cast, Ilaria D'Elia, Victoria Pritchard. Two Italian women go in search of a missing brother and become entangled in a web of tragic and dark secrets. Screening.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office C.12

Phone: 4303-3017


Web site:

Attending: Antonio Exacoustos Jr., head of world sales.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Stand C29

Phone: 3522-9027


Attending: Pierre-Richard Muller, Chantal Lam, directors; Elphin Delphe, exec sales.


"Triggered," Thriller. Producer, Denis Karvil; director, Gerard Cuq; cast, Christophe Laubion, Bernard Farcy. A slightly drunk police detective ends up robbing a security guard through a series of unlikely events. Completed.

"The Target to Kill," Thriller. Director, Pierre Courege; cast, Daniel Russo, Hippolyte Girardot, Anemone. A sailor desperate to find a lost love enlists the help of a TV show star. Completed.

"The Poacher," Comedy. Director, Serge Penard; cast, Francis Perrin, Henri Guybet. Young Jean starts living with his relatives in Normandy after WWII. Completed.

Artist View

Booth: Pavilion 8, Hall C, Stand G18

Phone: 4303-3378


Web site:

Attending: Scott Jones, president; Jay Joyce, VP; Thomas Emma, senior VP.


"Unspeakable," Thriller. Producers, Lee Friedlander, Nimmi Grover; director, Thomas Wright; cast, Dennis Hopper, Dana Meyer, Lance Henriksen. A woman battles an evil and bizarre inmate.

"Black Cadillac," Thriller. Producers, John Murlowski, Stephen Smith, Kenny Burke; director, Murlowski; cast, Randy Quaid, Josh Hammond, Jason Dohring. Three young men are terrorized in a high-speed chase.

"Devil's Tattoo," Thriller. Producers, Julian Kean, Graeme Clapperton, Bill Dale; director, Kean; cast, Jamie Bamber, Jason Simmons, Noel Fitzpatrick. Environmental activists encounter a deadly presence that jeopardizes their lives.


Booth: Hall 10-3, Office E02

Phone: 4303-3888


Web site:

Attending: Dieter Menz, president-CEO; Stefan Menz, president; Christl Blum, VP, foreign sales.


"The Red Phone," Action-thriller. Directors, Jerry Jameson, Joe Copello; cast, Arnold Vosloo, Michael Wincott, Joe Penny. When the red phone rings, an anti-terrorist team made up of special units throughout the European Union goes into action. Completed.

"Ghosts of Edendale," Horror. Producer, Marianne Connor; director, Stefan Avalos; cast, Stephen Wastell, Paula Ficara, Andrew Quintero. Haunting horror full of creepy paranoia. Completed.


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"Vortex," Sci-fi. Director, Michael Pohl; cast, Hardy Kruger Jr., Arne Fuhrmann, Harald Leipnitz. Thriller about a mysterious prison complex that stops anyone arriving from ever leaving. Completed.


Booth: Hall 8, Stand A23


Attending: Christopher Fries, president; Barbara Mannion, VP, sales & acquisitions; Omar Kaczmarczky, intl. sales consultant; Qiana Staral, marketing coordinator.


"Perseverance," Comedy. Producers, Christopher Fries, Ben Dossett; director, Jimmy Kaufman; cast, Peter Fonda, Kelly McGillis. A struggling New England fisherman finds magical moss that can heal any disease. Pre-production.

"Story of Marguerite," Drama. Producers, Ava Lazar, Ina Gotman; director, Alfonso Arau. A French aristocrat and her lover are exiled to an island off the coast of North America. Pre-production.

"Returning Mickey Stern," Comedy. Producers, Joseph Bologna, Jason Akel, Victor Erdos; director, Michael Prywes; cast, Joseph Bologna, Rene Taylor, Tom Bosley. Mickey Stern is about to find his past in someone else's future. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 1, Stand B02


Attending: Steve Bickel, president-partner; Brian Stearns, creative affairs.


"The Big Empty," Black Comedy. Producers, Steve Kaplan, Gregg Daniel, Doug Mankoff; director, Steven Anderson; cast, Jon Favreau, Rachael Leigh Cook, Sean Bean. A budding actor faces a stalled career and a mountain of debt. Post-production.

"A Time for Dancing," Drama. producers, Kelly Gonda, Jeffrey Kramer; director, Peter Gilbert; cast, Larisa Oleynik, Sherri Appleby, Peter Coyote. Two teen girls who' love dance learn about life and love. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Office G01


Web site:

Attending: Mocha Aguilar, director of intl. sales; Alberto Canizares, director of acquisitions; Javier Gracia, deputy managing director.


"Who Is Watching" (Mil Camaras), Teen thriller. Director, David Alonso; cast, Antonio Hortelano, Eva Marciel, Fernando Andina. A series of apparently ordinary events involve a group of university students in a disturbing story of suspense. Screening.

"Rancour" (Rencor), Romantic drama. Director, Miguel Albaladejo; cast, Lolita, Jorge Perugorria, Elena Anaya. When a singer encounters her ex-boyfriend, she does all she can to destroy him. Completed.

"The King of the Farm" (El rey de la granja), Children's comedy. Producer, Bainet Zinema; director, Gregorio Muro, Carlos Zabala; cast, Karlos Arguinano, Javi Martin, Mar Saura. After defeating Ramakor, his planet's tyrant, Kirik flees and seeks refuge on our planet disguised as a big TV cartoon rooster. Screening.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Stand C26

Phone: 4303-3289


Web site:

Attending: Michael Derbas, president; David Newman, director of sales.


"Fallen Angels," Thriller. Producers, Michael Derbas, Julian Booth; director, Ian David Diaz; cast, Michael Ironside, Jeff Fahey, Kal Wiesinger. Four girls return to their abandoned high school to film a documentary about their tragic senior year. Completed.


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"Maximum Surge," Sci-fi. Producer, Maryvonne Micale; director, Jason Bourque; cast, Yasmine Bleeth, Walter Koenig, Doug Abrahams. Virtual reality is the battleground for world domination. Post-production.

"Red Green's Duct Tape Forever," Comedy. Producers, David C. Smith, Sari Friedland; director, Eric Till; cast, Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainsborough. The journey of Red Green and his nephew as they hit the road to save their cherished possum lodge. Completed.


Bauer Martinez

Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand A18 & A20

Phone: 4303-3384


Attending: Philippe Martinez, chairman-CEO; Karinne Martinez, COO-CFO; Adrian Roup, assistant, intl. distribution.


"After Death," Action. Producer, Philippe Martinez; director, Ringo Lam; cast, Jean-Claude Van Damme. A police chief directs an undercover operation in Vancouver's Chinatown. Pre-production.

"Tower," Action. Producer, Philippe Martinez; director, Jean-Claude Van Damme; cast, Van Damme. A gangster must use his incredible fighting abilities to right the wrongs of his past. Pre-production.

"Citizen Verdict," Thriller. Producers, Philippe Martinez, Helmut Breuer; director, Peter Svatek; cast, Jerry Springer, Roy Scheider. The government allows a live trial and punishment television show


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office C13

Phone: 4303-3550


Web site:

Attending: Michael Weber, managing director; Thorsten Schaumann, head of sales; Stefanie Zietler, sales manager.


"Baby," Drama. Producers, Frank Kaminski, Ulrich Stiehm; director, Philipp Stolzl; cast, Alice Dwyer, Lars Rudolph, Filip Peeters. A tragic car accident affects the lives of the survivors. Completed.

"Bibi Blocksberg," producers, Uschi Reich, Karl Blatz; director, Hermine Huntgeburth; cast, Sidonie von Krosigk, Maximilian Befort, Katja Riemann. Children's film about an exceptionally talented little witch. Completed.

"Boran," Drama. Producer, Bettina Reitz, Nico Hoffmann; director, Alex Berner; cast, Matthias Habich, Henry Hubchen, Lisa Martinek. A fugitive from justice seeks to redeem his past errors by saving his granddaughter from a life of crime. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Office E18

Phone: 4303-3026


Web site:

Attending: Dirk Schurhoff, head of Beta Cinema; Andreas Rothbauer, sales exec; Isabelle Palluaud, festival coordinator.


"Shattered Glass" (Scherbentanz), Drama. Producer, Norbert W. Daldrop; director, Chris Kraus; cast, Jurgen Vogel, Andrea Sawatzki, Nadja Uhl. A man suffering from leukemia refuses a bone-marrow transplant from his mother, who once tried to kill him. Completed.

"Baader," Drama. Producers, Stephan Fruth, Christopher Roth, Mark Glaser; director, Roth; cast, Frank Giering, Laura Tonke. Biopic of Andreas Baader, leader of the infamous Baaser-Meinhoff gang that tried to bring down West Germany in the late `60s and early `70s. Completed.


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"Manitou's Shoe" (Der schuh des manitu), Western parody. Producers, Michael "Bully" Herbig, Michael Wolf; director, Herbig; cast, Herbig, Christian Tramitz, Sky Dumont. Two blood-brothers gallop aimlessly through the prairie in their fight for peace, freedom and justice in the Wild West. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand A19

Phone: 4303-4264


Web site:

Attending: Hilary Davis, sales & acquisitions; John Thornhill, marketing; Stephen Kelliher, sales & marketing, Europe.


"Crackerjack," Comedy. Producers, Stephen Luby, Mick Molloy; director, Paul Moloney; cast, Molloy, Bill Hunter, Samuel Johnson. A failing bowling club struggles to survive when it's targeted for takeover. Completed.

"Three Blind Mice," Thriller. Producers, Guillame Godard, Carolyn Caldera, Jean-Luc DeFanti; director, Mathais LeDouz; cast, Edward Furlong, Emilia Fox. A computer programmer discovers a bizarre ring of online murders. Completed.

"Horseplay," Comedy. Producer, Allanah Zitserman; director, Starvros Kazantzidis; cast, Marcus Graham, Jason Donovan, Tuhka Bergen. A small-time horse trainer plans to rig Australia's largest horse race. Completed.


Booth: Stand B01

Phone: 4303-3225


Web site:

Attending: Marc Bruder, president; Alex Hill, sales; Celena Perkins, director of acquisitions.


"Devious Beings," Drama. Producer, Philip Jon-Haarsma; director, Christopher Mazzei; cast, Patrick Van Horn, Kevin Connoly, Robert Gossett. There's no such thing as the perfect plan. Completed.

"Four Deadly Reasons," Drama. Producer, Jocelyne Castaldo; director, Paul Dorghese; cast, Richard Castellano, Vinny Vella. Living in a small town with big problems. Completed.

"Strip N' Run," Action. Producer, GiGi Erneta; director, Jessi Weathington; cast, Michael Madsen, Charles Napier, Brion James. One man, one game and no survivors. Completed.

Brussels Ave.

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office B.36


Attending: Jochen D. Girsch, CEO; Marie-Do De La Patelliere, sales director.


"Absolute Hundred," Thriller. Director, Srdan Golubovic; cast, Vuk Kostic, Srdan Todorovic, Paulina Mangy. While Sasa trains for a marksmanship championship, his heroin addict brother is selling the shooting gallery to get away from his "friends." Completed.

"Ikarus," Drama. Director, Bernhard Weirather; cast, Nina Proll, Monika Belibtreu, Kathrin Resetarits. When Lena finds life in the city too tough, the death of her grandfather gives her a reason to go home. Completed.

"Eden," director, Andrzej Czeczot. A roller-coaster ride through the essence of Euro-American culture. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Office G06-E23

Phone: 4303-4633


Web site:

Attending: Roberto Bessi, president; Antonio Guadalupi, CEO; Vanessa Capurso, sales manager.



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"L'acqua ... Il Fuoco," Comedy. Producer, Roberto Bessi; director, Luciano Emmer; cast, Sabrina Ferilli, Giancarlo Giannini, James Thierree. Three stories about three lonely women. Post-production.

"The Council of Egypt" (Il Consiglio d'Egitto), Drama. Producers, Mariella Li Sacchi, Amedeo Letizia; director, Emidio Greco; cast, Silvio Orlando, Tommaso Ragno, Marine Delterme. A monk in 1872 Sicily sets out to damage aristocratic privileges. Screening.

"Days" (Giorni), Drama. Producer, Francesco Paolo Montini; director, Laura Muscardin; cast, Thomas Trabacchi, Riccardo Salerno, Davide Bechini. Story of two men, one of whom is HIV positive. Screening.

BV Intl. Pictures

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Office, E11


Web site:

Attending: Bjorg Veland, president; Andrew Chang, U.S. office; Solveig Langeland, German office.


"Utopia--Nobody Is Perfect in the Perfect Country," Comedy. Producer, Orjan Karlson, cast, Sven Nordin, Sverre Anker Ousdal. A remote gas station in Norway is the unlikely setting for eight tales of humanity at its best and worst. Completed.

"The Magic Box," Drama. Producer, Malek Bencheghib; director, Ridha Behi; cast, Marianne Basler, Abdelatif Kechiche. Story of a man who finds the true essence of life in film at the expense of those around him. Completed.

"Reinventing Eddie," Drama. Producer, Ian Brody; director, Jim Doyle; cast, John Lynch, Geraldine Somerville, John Thomson. A father's love for his family leads him on a fraught but comic journey of false accusation. Completed.



Booth: Pavilion 8; Office A29


Web site:

Attending: Jane Barclay, managing director; Josh Kramer, head of intl. sales; Eve Schoukroun, intl. sales; Hannah Leader, Maya Amsellem, legal & business affairs.


"Ted & Sylvia," Love story. Producer, Alison Owen; director, Christine Jeffs; cast, Gwyneth Paltrow, Daniel Craig. Romance between American poet Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, Britain's poet laureate. In production.

"The Company," Drama. Director, Robert Altman; cast, Neve Campbell, James Franco, Malcolm McDowell. A look behind the scenes at the world of a ballet company. In production.

"Callas Forever," Drama. Director, Franco Zeffirelli; cast, Fanny Ardent, Jeremy Irons, Joan Plowright. A rock promoter convinces the opera diva Maria Callas to revive her career through the aid of modern technology. Screening.

Castle Hill

Booth: Hall 8, Stand B58


Attending: Mel Maron, president, marketing & distribution; Sara Croham, director, intl. sales; Sergio Getzei, intl. sales representative.


"Glengarry Glen Ross," Drama. Director, James Foley; cast, Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey. A desperate salesman is put on the line by an office break-in. Completed.

"Langrishe, Go Down," Drama. Director, David Jones; cast, Jeremy Irons, Judi Dench. Investigates the complex relationship between an older woman and a younger student.


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"Short Eyes," Drama. Director, Robert M. Young; cast, Bruce Davison, Miguel Pinero, Curtis Mayfield. A child molester fights for survival in the punishing New York prison called the Tombs.

Celluloid Dreams

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office B24


Web site:

Attending: Hengameh Panahi, president; Pierre Menahem, Tanja Meissner, intl. sales execs.


"Novo," Comedy. Producer, Hengameh Panahi; director, Jean-Pierre Limosin; cast, Eduardo Noriega, Anna Moulialis, Nathalie Richard. How can a man who suffers from short-term memory loss really fall in love? Screening.

"Dolls," Drama. Producers, Masayuki Mori, Takio Yoshida; director, Takeshi Kitano; cast, Miho Kanno, Hidetoshi Nishijima. Three stories delicately intertwined by the beauty of sadness. Screening.

"Swimming Pool," Psychological thriller. Producers, Marc Missonnier, Olivier Delbosc; director, Francois Ozon; cast, Charlotte Rampling, Ludivine Sagnier, Charles Dance. A successful English mystery writer's routine is upset by the unexpected arrival of her publisher's French daughter. Post-production.

China Star

Booth: Hall 8, Stand B32


Web site:

Attending: Charles Heung, chairman; Tiffany Chen, VP; Anjantre Lam, general manager.


"The Lion Roars," Comedy. Producers, Joe Ma, Y.Y. Kwok, Thomas Leong; director, Ma; cast, Louis Koo, Cecilia Cheung. Completed.

"Mighty Baby," Comedy. Producers, Amy Chin, Chan Hing Kai; directors, Patrick Leung, Chan Hing Kai; cast, Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo, Gigi Leung. Two men face the four women in their lives, not to mention a battalion of babies. Completed.

"Looking for Mister Perfect," Comedy. Producer, Johnnie To; director, Ringo Lam; cast, Andy On, Raymond Wong, Shu Qi. Sometimes a long love relationship does not make a perfect ending. Post-production.

Chris Davis Intl.

Booth: Hall C8, Stand B27

Phone: 4303-4266


Attending: Chris Davis.


"Ten Inch Hero," Comedy. Producer, Mark Witsken; director, David MacKay. Four friends search for love and romance at a funky sandwich shop in California.

"Sack Race," Comedy. Producer, Mondrian. A sleepy village is turned upside-down when a group of students organizes a love competition that attracts the media.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall III, Office D11


Web site:

Attending: Miroslaw Slowinski, producer-chairman; director, Jerzy Jednorowski, co-producer; Jolanta Wagner, assistant.


"Quo Vadis," producer, Miroslaw Slowinski; director, Jerzy Kawalerowicz; cast, Boguslaw Linda, Jerzy Trela, Pawel Delag. Epic story about ancient Rome and the beginning of Christianity in Nero's time.

Cine Intl.

Booth: Pavilion 10-2, Office B21

Phone: 4303-3811


Web site:

Attending: Lilli Tyc-Holm, president; Susanne Groh, head of intl. sales & acquisitions; Jesse Vogel, co-production adviser.


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"As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me," Drama. Producer, Jimmy C. Gerum; director, Hardy Martins; cast, Bernhard Bettermann, Irina Pantaeva, Michael Mendl. German soldier Clemens Forell escapes a Siberian labor camp after WWII. Completed.

"The Room," Thriller. Producers, Ute Meisenheimer, Petra Knieper; director, Roland Reber; cast, Mira Gittner, Marcus Gruesser, Marina Anna Eich. House sitters Sophie and Christoph are tempted by one room they are forbidden to enter. Completed.

"Demonium," producers, Andreas & Sonja Schnaas; director, Andreas Schnaas; cast, Andrea Bruschi, Claudia Abbate, Charlotte Roche. When an elderly man is murdered in a secluded castle, a group of companions embarks on a terrifying quest for survival. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Stand C32


Web site:

Attending: Ricky Wong, general manager; Helen Long, exec secretary.


"Roaring Dragon Bluffing Tiger," Action; Producer, Ricky Wong; director, Kant Leung; cast, Anthony Wang, Karen Tong, Collin Chow. An art dealer and an antiques smuggler try to sell the head sculptures of the Zodiac animals. Completed.

"Gambling Ghost," Action. Producer, Yip Wing Cho; director, Ko Chi Sum; cast, Sammo Hung. A thief is haunted by the spirit of his grandfather. Completed.

"Fatal Comic," Action. Producer, Ricky Wong, director, Amen Wu; cast, Xi Xiaolong, Cherie Kong, Keung Hao Man. Murders depicted in a comicbook start to happen for real and the only solution lies within the book's pages. Completed.

Cinema Arts

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Stand C29

Phone: 3522-9027


Attending: Pierre-Richard Muller, Chantal Lam, directors; Elphin Delphe, exec sales.


"Lulu," Drama. Director, Jean Henri Roger; cast, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Elli Medeiros, Gerard Meylan. When an expimp ends up dead, his former protege is the prime suspect. Completed.

"Story of O," Drama. Producer, Pierre-Richard Muller; director, Philip Leirness; cast, Danielle Ciardi, Neil Dickson, Max Parrish. Completed.

"The Moon Is Red," A man receives email messages from his supposedly dead wife. Completed.

Cinema Service

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Stand G13


Web site:

Attending: Jennifer Muhn, director; Josh Lee, Jenny Chung, sales managers.


"Marrying the Mafia," Comedy. Producer, Song-hyun Kim; director, Heung-soon Jung; cast, Joon-ho Jung, Jung-eun Jung.

"Break Out," Comedy. Producer, Kwan-soo Lee; director, Hang-joon Jang; cast, Seung-woo Kim, Seung-won Cha.

"Volcano High," Fantasy. Producer, Jae-won Kim; director, Tae-kyun Kim; cast, Hyuk Jang, Min-ah Shin, Soo-roh Kim. Kyung-soo's adventure in a high school, where all the students and teachers are martial-arts experts.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand A25

Phone: 4303-3306


Web site:

Attending: Nicolas Stiliadis, CEO; Amy Beecroft, VP, intl. sales; Lara Bjork, intl. sale representative.


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"A Tale of a Naughty Girl," Drama. Producer, Arya Bhattacharya; director, Buddhadeb Dasgupta; cast, Samata Das, Rituparna Sengupta, Arpan Basar. The daughter of a village prostitute wants to get an education rather than follow in her mother's footsteps. Completed.

"The Stoneraft," Drama. Producers, George Sluizer, Fernando Bovaria, Luis Bordallo Silva; director, George Sluizer; cast, Federico Luppi, Iciar Bollain, Gabino Diego. A fairy tale about love and intuition. Completed.

"The Limit," Thriller. Producers, Gary Howsam, Jamie Bown; director, Lewin Webb; cast, Lauren Bacall, Claire Forlani, Pete Postlethwaite. An elderly woman turns the tables on her kidnapper. Post-production.


Booth: Hall 8, Stand C01


Attending: Paul Hertzberg, president; Marcy Rubin, senior VP, intl. distribution; Mary Judy, VP, distribution services.


"Descent," After an 11-mile-wide asteroid causes a crack in the Earth's core, military researchers must travel deep below our planet's surface and stop the cracks from splintering.

"Eruption," A dormant volcano violently erupts, wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting town.

"Hotel Erotica," Guests of this special hotel unleash their inhibitions and learn the meaning of ecstasy.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 1; Stand C01


Web site:

Attending: Mark Yoon, senior VP, intl. sales & acquisitions; Jun Lee, director, intl. sales & acquisitions; Karen Moon, manager, intl. sales & acquisitions.


"Resurrection of the Little Match Girl," Action. Director, Sun-Woo Jang; cast, Eun-Kyung Yim, Hyung-Sung Kim, Jin-Pyo Kim. A restaurant delivery boy is drawn into a little girl's fairy-tale world. Completed.

"Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance," Thriller. Director, Chan-Wook Park; cast, Kang-Ho Song, Ha-Kyun Shin, Doo-Na Bae. A father seeks revenge on a kidnapper who mistakenly killed his precious daughter. Completed.

"Yesterday," Sci-fi. Director, Yun-Soo Chung; cast, Seung-Woo Kim, Yun-Jin Kim, Min-Su Choi. Police hunt a serial killer whose method matches a police psychologist's thesis. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10-2, Office B20

Phone: 4303-3968


Web site:

Attending: Peter Rogers, Hal Sadoff, partners; Ralpho Borgos, snr. VP, intl. sales & distribution.


"Open Range," Western. Producers, Kevin Costner, David Valdes, Craig Storper; director, Costner. A one-time gunslinger is forced to take up arms again when he and his cattle crew fall afoul of a corrupt lawman. Post-production.

"Shade," Thriller. Producers Ted Hartley, Chris Hammond, David Schnepp; director, Damian Nieman. Three grifters pool their resources for a high-stakes poker game against a legendary card shark. Post-production.

"Danny Deckchair," Romantic comedy. Producer, Andrew Mason; director, Jeff Balsmeyer; cast, Rhys Ifans, Miranda Otto. A hapless Aussie becomes a national sensation when he floats away after tying balloons to his deckchair. Post-production.


Continued from page 11


Booth: Pavilion 26, Stand B15

Phone: 4303-3337


Attending: Pascal Borno, president; Chris Perry-Melish, senior VP.


"Who's Your Daddy?," Comedy. Producer, Verna Harrah; director, Andy Fickman; cast, Brandon Davis, Ali Landry, Patsy Kensit. A teenager inherits an adult magazine publishing empire. Completed.

"Marujas Asesinas," Black Comedy. Director, Javier Rebollo; cast, Neus Asensi, Antonio Resines, Karra Elejade. A bored housewife conspires with an errand boy to kill her husband. Completed.

"Mr. Bones," Comedy. Producers, Anant Singh, Helena Spring; director, Gary Hofmeyr; cast, Leon Schuster, David Ramsey, Faizon Love. A medicine man is sent looking for the son of his tribal king and brings back an American golfer. Completed.

The Coproduction Office

Booth: c/o Unifrance--Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Office B24

Phone: 4303-3801


Attending: Philippe Bober, managing director; Lene Ingemann, sales agent. Product highlights:

"Japon," Drama. Director, Carlos Reygadas; cast, Alejandro Ferretis, Magdalena Flores. A man from the city goes to a remote canyon village to commit suicide. Screening.

"Dog Days (Hundstage)," Drama. Director, Ulrich Seidl; cast, Maria Hofstatter, Alfred Mrva, Erich Finsches. In these dog days of summer, steeped in alcohol, sex and song, life is at its most vulnerable and intimate. Screening.

"19," Drama. Director, Kazuchi Watanabe; cast, Kazuchi Watanabe, Dajiro Kawaoka, Takeo Noro. Three young punks in a stolen car kidnap a Tokyo student. Screening.

Creative Light

Booth: Stand B17 & C06

Phone: 0777-3123


Web site:

Attending: Ted Chalmers, head of worldwide distribution; Ray Haboush, head of intl. sales.


"The Hungry Bachelors Club," Drama. Cast, Jorja Fox, Bill Nunn, Michael Des Barres. A woman has the baby of a wealthy couple so she can leave her law practice to open a restaurant. Completed.

"Inhuman," Sci-fi. Cast, Chase Masterson. A weekend reunion becomes a confrontation with an incredible, inhuman creature. Post-production.

"Comic Book: The Movie," Comedy. Cast, Mark Hamill, Jess Harnell, Billy West. Post-production.

Creative Union /Voltaire

Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 1, Stand A05


Attending: Julie Savay-Ross, president-COO; Zachary Kahn, coordinator


"The Legacy," Drama. Producers, Maxine Flitman, Christopher Zimmer; director, Jerry Ciccoritti; cast, Neve Cambell. An English family is torn apart when it receives a mysterious legacy and an alluring American woman arrives.

"Rolling 8's," Sci-fi. Producers, Jeffrey Klein, Chris Bongirne; director, Robed Patton Spruill. An alien force tests humanity's greatest fighting forces. In development.

"Searching For Debra Winger," Docu. Producers, Happy Walters, David Codikow, Roseanna Arquette; director, Rosanna Arquette; cast, Patricia Arquette, Emmanuelle Beart, Katrin Cartlidge. Actresses face pressure in the entertainment industry. Completed.


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Crystal Sky

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Stand E05

Attending: Steven Paul, president; Joseph Inga, VP, finance; Jason Price, head of business affairs.


"Werewolf by Night," Action adventure. The first werewolf love story. In development. "Facade," Action adventure. A beautiful thief and a rogue FBI agent join forces in this exciting action heist. In development.

"Baby Geniuses II," Comedy. The babies are back in this sequel. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B52

Phone: 4303-3792


Web site:

Attending: Carole Curb, president; Wendy Reeds, exec director-head of sales.


"Water's Edge," Thriller. Producer-director Harvey Kahn; cast, Nathan Fillion, Chandra West, Emmanuelle Vaugier. A novelist and his wife discover sex, murder and deceit in their quiet hometown. Completed.

"Grownups," Comedy. Producers, Doug Finelli, Susan Rodgers; director, Finelli; cast, John Stamos, Daniel London, Meredith Salenger. Two couples looking for wild times decide to swap wives. Completed.

"Coastlines," Thriller. Producers, Victor Nunez, Sam Gowan; director, Nunez; cast, Josh Brolin, Timothy Olyphant, Sarah Wynter. An ex-con returning home from prison disrupts the lives of his friends and enemies. Completed.



Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B31

Phone: 4303-3178, fax 4303-3203

Attending: Rick Sands, chairman, worldwide distribution; Edward Noeltner, senior VP, distribution & sales; Marc Bunag, VP, creative marketing


"Paid in Full," Drama. Producers, Damon Dash, Jay-Z, Brett Ratner; director, Charles Stone; cast, Wood Harris, Mekhi Phifer, Cam'ron. Three lifelong friends are torn apart by their aspirations to the good life. Completed.



Web site:

Attending: G. Raynham, VP, intl. sales; David DeFalco, CEO-president.


"Essence of Echoes," Thriller. Cast, Michael Worth, Sharisse Baker-Bernard, Bill Moseley. An FBI agent uses the victims of a serial killer as clues to reveal a government cover-up. Completed.

"Redemption," Action adventure. Director, Art Camarito; cast, Don Wilson, Chris Pein, James Russo. A $15 million bank robbery forces an ex-cop to choose a path of greed and evil or redemption. Completed.

"The Back Lot Murders," Horror. Director, David DeFalco; cast, Corey Haim, Priscila Barnes, Charles Fleischer. Murders occur during the shooting of a musicvideo. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B22


Attending: Ehud Bleiberg, chairman-CEO; Yitzhak Ginsberg, president; Nadine de Barros, director of sales & acquisitions.


"Dahmer," Horror. Producers, Larry Rattner, Susan Rodgers; director, David Jacobson; cast, Jeremy Renner, Bruce Davidson. True story of the controversial serial killer. Completed.

"Monster Men," Horror. Producers, Ehud Bleiberg, Yitzhak Ginsberg; director, Michael Davis. A man driving a monster truck terrorizes college kids traveling cross-country. Pre-production. "Shoot Em Up," Action. Producers, Ehud Bleiberg, Yitzhak Ginsberg, Rudy Cohen; director, Michael Davis. Pre-production.


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E Pictures

Booth: Stand D4, F01, F02, F06

Phone: 3304-0768


Web site:

Attending: Paul Yi, president; Eunjung Cho, manager; Minkyoung Chae, intl. sales & marketing.


"YMCA Baseball Team," Comedy. Producers, Jaemyung Shim, Woojung Lee; director, Hyunseok Kim; cast, Kangho Song, Hyesu Kim, Joohyuk Klm. Korea's first baseball team faces the Japanese army team. Completed.

"Who Are You?," Drama. Producers, Bokyung Shim, Dongwon Cho; director, Ho Choi; cast, Seungwoo Cho, Nayoung Lee. A modern love stow set in the tallest building in Seoul. Completed. "Desire," Drama. Producers, Eun Lee, Woojung Lee; director, Eungsu Kim; cast, Sua Lee, Dongkyu Lee, Tegun An. A woman tries to fulfill her own desires after discovering her husband having an affair with a man. Completed.

Entertainment 7

Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B06


Attending: Emilio Ferrari, consultant; Bill Wilder, sales; Kelsie Black, sales.


"I Know What You Did Last Winter," Horror. Producer-director, Emilio Ferrari; cast, David Boyd, Jennie Chester, Debbie Entin. Five teenagers enter an extreme snow-boarding competition that goes out of control when a murderer is on the loose. Completed.

"Roommate Wanted," Erotic Drama. Producer-director, Emilio Ferrari; cast, Belinda Gavin, Candice Michelle, Tammy Sheffeld. Six young women share a posh Beverly Hills home and have various sexual encounters. Completed. "TV Fight Club," Action. Director, Ron Bryan. A behind-the-scenes look at top no-holds-barred fighters. Completed.


Booth: C/o Unifrance--Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Office B24

Phone: 4303-3801


Web site:

Attending: Daniel Lesoeur, chairman; Ilona Kunesova, head of acquisition/development; A.L. Mariaux, production; Michelle Magnan, sales.


"Spring of Life," Drama. Director, Milan Cieslar; cast, Monika Hilmerova, Michal Sieczkowski, Johanna Teserova. A 16-year-old Czech girl is chosen for a Nazi breeding program. Screening.

"Nightmares Come at Night," Erotic. Director, Jess Franco; cast, Soledad Miranda, Diana Lorrys, Paul Muller. Obsessed with bloody nightly visions, Anne lives in anguish of schizophrenia. Screening. "Sade's Eugenia," Erotic. Director, Jess Franco; cast, Soledad Miranda, Paul Muller, Alice Arno. EugenJa and her father plan to commit the perfect crime. Completed.


Booth: Hall II, Office B26


Web site:

Attending: Gregoire Melin, head of intl. dept; Flore Turra, director of intl. dept; Sara May, head of acquisitions.


"Fanfan la Tulipe," Action adventure. Producers, Luc Besson, Michel Feller; rector, Gerard Krowczyk; cast, Vincent Perez, Penelope Cruz. To avoid being forced to marry his latest conquest, Fanfan enrols in the army. Post-production. "Michel Vaillant," Action adventure. Producer, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam; director, Louis-Pascal Couvelaire; cast, Sagamore Stevenin, Diane Kruger, Peter Young-blood Hills. Shooting.


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"Bon Voyage," Producers, Michele & Laurent Petin; director, Jean-Paul Rappeneau; cast, Isabelle Adjani, Gerard Depardieu, Virginie Lecloyen. Shooting.


Film Bridge

Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 2, Stand 15


Web site:

Attending: Ellen Wander, Incoronata Pagliuca, Lori Mathison.


"Big Spender," Cast, Casper Van Dien, Graham Greene. An ex-con cares for an ailing race horse and learns about love and forgiveness.

"Emerald," Comedy. A woman searching for Mr. Right heads off for Alaska for the Great Alaskan Man Hunt.

"Say Nothing," Suspense Drama. Cast, Nastassja Kinski, William Baldwin. The lives of a young married couple are turned upside-down by a stranger's obsession.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Stand B49 & C40


Web site:

Attending: Mandy Ng, assistant manager, services promotion; Anna Cheung, marketing officer, Milan Office.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Office E19-G02


Web site:

Attending: Julio Fernandez, chairman; Carlos Fernandez, president; Antonia Nova, senior VP, sales & co-productions.


"Darkness," Thriller. Producers, Julio Fernandez, Brian Yuzna; director, Jaume Balaguero; cast, Anna Paquin, Lena Olin, lain Glen. Evil infiltrates a family in pain. Screening.

"Second Name," Thriller. Producers, Julio Fernandez, Joan Ginard; director, Paco Plaza; cast, Erica Prior, Trae Huolihan, Craig Hill. The story of a woman fighting against her destiny, a daughter who discovers her father's terrible past and a victim who decides to change everything. Screening.

"When the Bell Chimed 13th," Thriller. Producers, Gerardo Herrero, Carlos Fernandez, Tedy Vilalba, Carlos Carballo, Jose Maceda; director, Xavier Villaverde; cast, Juan Diego Botto, Luis Tosar, Marta Etura. Jacob returns to the city he was born in and finds time has not healed the wounds. Screening.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall ii, Office EO1-D04

Phone: 4303-3232


Web site:

Attending: Roberto di Girolamo, president & CEO; Laura Maurano, sales manager; Antonio Pacillo, assistant.


"Venetian Caprice" (Capriccio Veneziano), Erotic drama. Director, Vincent Dawn; cast, G. Parmeggiani, L. Nunez, T. Kjnia. The amorous relationship between a lovely young music teacher and a wild and uninhibited painter, in post-production.

"Yo-Darh and the Astromavericks," Cartoon. Directors, Victor Rambaldi, Camillo Teti. A young extraterrestrial saves his people from extinction with the help of a child and his grandfather. Pre-production. "Beauty Queen Olivia," Comedy. Director, Federica Martino; cast, Carolina Felline, Eleonora Materazzo, Elena Bonelli. A 16-year-old girl runs away from home with her friend. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Office C09


Attending: Janine Gold, head of FilmFour; Natalie Brenner, deputy head of intl. film sales; Libby Hughes, film sales executive.


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"The Actors," Comedy. Producers, Nell Jordan, Redmond Morris, Stephen Woolley; director, Conor McPherson; cast, Michael Caine, Dylan Moran, Lena Headey. Two struggling actors prove that bad actors make great cooks. Post-production.

"Once Upon a Time in the Midlands," Comedy drama. Producer, Andrea Calderwood; director, Shane Meadows; cast, Robed Carlyle, Rhys Ifans, Kathy Burke. Two men fight for the love of a woman and her daughter. Screening.

Films Distribution

Booth: Pavilion 10; Hall II, Office B24


Web site:

Attending: Nicolas Brigaud-Robert, Francois Yon, CEOs; Didar Domehri, intl. sales.


"Rachida," Producer, Thierry Lenouvel; director, Yamina Bachir-Chouikh; cast, Ibtissem Djouadi, Bahia Rachedi, Nacera Merah. A teacher in Algiers is asked by a former pupil to plant a bomb in her school. Screening.

"Almost Peaceful," Producer, Rosalinde Deville; director, Michel Deville; cast, Simon Abkarian, Lubna Azabal, Zabou Breitman. Drama set in a garment workshop in the Jewish tailors district of Paris in 1946. Screening.

"Secret Things," Producer, Jean-Francois Geneix; director, Jean-Claude Brisseau; cast, Coralie Revel, Sabrina Seyvecou, Fabrice Deville. Two girls go to work in the offices of a big company and set out to climb as high as possible in the social hierarchy. Screening.

Fintage House

In Milan: Hotel Excelsior Gallia


Web site:

Attending: Said Boudarga, director of intl. distribution; Peter Kostense, director of sales & acquisitions; Maarten Melchior, managing director, film & TV.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 1, Stand B12


Web site:

Attending: Jay Firestone, chairman; Daniel Diamond, president; Maura Ford, VP of operations.


"Long Hello and Short Goodbye," Drama. Producers, John Woo, Terence Chang, Jay Firestone; director, Gustavo Musquera. An obsessed cop tries to bust an ex-con but his plan backfires when a fellow cop fails in love with the target.

Flach Pyramide

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office B24


Web site:

Attending: Eric Lagesse, head of sales; Philippe Leconte, sales & legal assistant.


"The Nearest to Heaven," (Au Plus Pres du Paradis), Romantic comedy. Producer, Fabienne Vonier; director, Tonie Marshall; cast, Catherine Deneuve, William Hurt, Bernard Le Coq. A writer is attracted to another man while en route to meeting an old lover. Screening.

"The Sea," Drama. Producer-director, Baltasar Kormakur; cast, Hilmar Snaer Gudnason, Helene de Fougerolles. A man's wish to pass on the family business to his youngest son during a family gathering doesn't go as expected. Screening.

"Tycoon" (Un Nouveau Russe), Thriller. Producer, Catherine Dussart; director, Pavel Ounguine; cast, Vladimir Basharov, Andrei Krasko, Maria Mironova. Five friends from university abandon their science studies in favor of the shady world of post-Soviet business. Screening.


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Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand A14-B19

Phone: 4303-3044, fax 4303-3066

Attending: David Linde, co-president; Glen Basner, senior VP, intl. sales; Amy Kaufman, senior VP, acquisitions & coproductions.


"21 Grams," Producers, Ted Hope, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu; director, Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu. This film explores the emotionally and physically charged lives of a woman, her cheating lover and an ex-con. Pre-production.

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," Producers, Steve Golin, Anthony Bregman; director, Michel Gondry. A separating couple uses a machine to erase bad memories to ensure a clean split. Pre-production.

"How to Deal," Producers, Bill Teitler, Scott Kroopf, Erica Huggins; director, Clare Kilner; cast, Mandy Moore, Allison Janney, Peter Gallagher. A teenage girl juggles divorced parents, her sister's wedding and her best friend's pregnancy while falling in love for the first time. In production.


Booth: Hall C, Office EIO

Phone: 4303-3867


Web site:

Attending: Wouter Barendrecht, Michael J. Werner, co-chairmen; Esther Bannenberg, director of intl. sales, servicing & acquisition.


"Bear's Kiss," producers, Christoph Friedel, Karl Baumgartner, Sergei Bodrov; director, Bodrov; cast, Rebecka Liljeberg, Joachim Krol, Sergei Bodrov Jr. Fairy tale that goes beyond the borders of reality. Screening.

"The Best of Times," Producers, Lu Shih-Yuan, Ueda Makoto; director, Chang Tso-Chi; cast, Fan Wing, Gao Meng-Jie, Yu Wan-Mei. After a shooting incident, two teenage boys find themselves on the run. Screening.

"Bollywood Hollywood," Musical comedy. Producers, David Hamilton, Bob Wertheimer; director, Deepa Mehta; cast, Rahul Khanna, Lisa Ray, Moushumi Chatterjee. Screening.

France TV

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office B24

Attending: Michel Liberman, CEO; Jean Paul Commin, deputy CEO; Claudia-Rae-Colombani, VP of intl. sales.


"A Loving Father" (Aime Ton Pere), Drama. Director, Jacob Berger; cast, Gerard Depardieu, Guillaume Depardieu, Sylvie Testud. A famous writer, on his way to receive the Nobel Prize, is kidnapped by his son. Completed.

"The Child Who Wanted to Be a Bear," Animation. Director, Jannik Hastrup. A little boy is raised by a bear and learns all the skills a bear requires. Screening.

"Step by Step," Thriller. Director, Philippe Blasband; cast, Benoit Verhaert, Philippe Noiret, Yolande Moreau. A drug dealer is questioned by the police over a murder but ends up manipulating his interrogators and extracting valuable information for his business. Screening.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 1, Stand BO1

Attending: Elie Samaha, chairman-CEO; Andrew Stevens, president, CO0; Mimi Steinbauer, president of intl. distribution.


"The Whole Nine Yards 2," Director, Howard Deutch; cast, Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet. The story of a hit man with a heart. Pre-production.


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"Alex and Emma, Loosely Based on a True Love Story," Director, Rob Reiner; cast, Kate Hudson, Luke Wilson, Sophie Marceau. A writer hires a beautiful stenographer and realizes that his new romance book is based on his growing love for her. In production.

"The Wedding Party," Director, Andrew Fleming; cast, Michael Douglas, Albert Brooks, Robin Tunney. A mild-mannered foot doctor discovers the week of his daughter's wedding that his new in-laws are international smugglers. Post-production.


Booth: Stand D09


Attending: Charles M. Fries, president.


"Alien Agent," Sci-fi. Producer, Charles Fries; director, Roger Christian; cast, Dolph Lundgren. A lawman from another galaxy must stop an invading force from building a gateway between the two worlds. Pre-production.

"Ray Bradbury's Frost & Fire," Sci-fi. Director, Buz Alexander; cast, Brad Renfro. Space travelers crash-land on a distant planet where days are consumed in a curtain of flame and the nights are a frozen wasteland. Pre-production.

"Hunt for the Devil," Thriller. Director, Allan Goldstein; cast, Michael Madsen. A New York City detective tracks Europe's bloodiest serial killer after his fiancee becomes the latest victim. Pre-production.

Full Moon/Shadow

Booth: Hall 2, Stand B15 & C04


Attending: Ed Shields, VP, intl. sales; Christopher Shaw, director, intl. sales.


"Bleed," Thriller. Producers, Jennifer Kessler, Charles Band; director, Devin Hamilton; cast, Debbie Rochon, Danny Wolske, Julie Strain. The exclusive members of the Murder Club are being killed. Completed.

"Jigsaw," Horror. Producers, Charles Band, Don Adams, Harry James Picardi; directors, Don Adams, Harry James Picardi; cast, Barret Waltz, Aimee Bravo, Mark Volmers. A college art class creates a strange mannequin that comes to life. Completed.

"Deathbed," Horror. Producers, Stuart Gordon, Charles Band; director, Danny Draven; cast, Tanya Dempsy, Joe Estevez, Brave Heart. An evil entity trapped in a bed sets its sights on a young woman. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Stand D07


Attending: John Fremes; Brad Maeder.


"Swindle," Action. Producer, Lee Faulkner; director, K.C. Bascombe; cast, Tom Sizemore, Sherilyn Fenn, Dave Foley. Four thieves try to steal the printing plates to the euro currency. Completed.

"Snake Island," Thriller. Producer-director, Wayne Crawford; cast, Crawford, William Kart. Stranded on an island, tourists battle to survive a relentless night of reptilian savagery. Completed.

"Caught in the Headlights," Action. Producers, John Fremes, David Doerksen; cast, Anne Archer, Patrick Bergin. An FBI agent must overcome hit men and rogue agents to transport a murder suspect to trial. Pre-production.



Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall III, Office E08

Phone: 4303-3345

Web site:

Attending: Philippe de Chaisemartin, snr. VP, intl. sales, feature films; Loic Trocme, director, intl. sales, feature films.


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"Father and Sons" (Pere et Fils), Comedy. Director, Michel Boujenah; cast, Philippe Noiret, Charles Berling, Bruno Putzulu. Leo fakes a serious operation for himself in an effort to reconcile his three sons. Shooting.

"Bullit & Riper," Spoof comedy. Director, Eric Lartigau; cast, Kad & Olivier, Gerard Darmon. Two clumsy FBI agents investigate the killing of a stripper. Shooting. "Meet Rita" (Rendez-vous Avec Rita) Comedy. Edgar wanted to spend the night with Rita, whom he met on the Web, but he gets mixed up in the theft of a painting instead. Shooting.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office B24


Web site:

Attending: Paulo Branco, producer; Laurent Baudens, acquisitions & sales manager; Audrey Haber, acquisitions & sales.


"Two" (Deux), Drama. Director, Werner Schroeter; cast, Isabelle Huppert, Bulle Ogier, Manuel Blanc. Completed.

"That Day" (Ce Jour La), Comedy. Producer, Paulo Branco; director, Raoul Ruiz; cast, Bernard Giraudeau, Eisa Zylberstein, Michel Piccoli. In production.

"A Talking Picture" (O Filme Falado), Drama. Producer, Paulo Branco; director, Manoel de Oliveira; cast, Leonor Silveira, John Malkovich, Catherine Deneuve. In production.


Booth: Hall 8, Office A03

Phone: 4303-3065


Attending: John Quested, chairman; Stephen Johnston, president, Goldcrest Inc; Peter McRae, snr. VP of co-productions.


"To End All Wars," Drama. Producers, Jack Hafer, David Cunningham; director, Cunningham; cast, Robert Carlyle, Kiefer Sutherland, Ciaran McMenamin. Four Allied POWs are forced by their Japanese captors to build a railroad through the Burmese jungle. Completed.

Global Cinema

Phone: 171 273-9070


Web site:

Attending: Karin Thome, president; Joseph Geissler, director.


"Jaguar," Action adventure. Producer, Karin Thome. The leader of the Taironas, a mysterious tribe in the Amazon, must save his people from a ruthless treasure hunter and a drug lord. Pre-production.

"Twin Soul," Thriller. Producer, Karin Thome. A woman's dead son warns her of a voodoo curse that is threatening her life. Pre-production.

"The Trojan Chip," Family. Producer, Karin Thome. A teenage boy and his sister must save their parents from an evil ruler when they are trapped inside a popular videogame. Pre-production.

Golden Network Asia

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Stands E27 & G14


Attending: Carrie Wong, managing director; Clarence Tang, head of sales & acquisitions; Joanne Chan, sales & distribution exec.


"Public Toilet," Drama. Producers, Sungkyu Cho, Carrie Wong, Taesung Jeong; director, Fruit Chan; cast, Tsuyoshi Abe, Zhe Ma, Hyuk Jang. Young people are caught up with sickness in those that they love. Completed.

"Nothing to Lose," Drama. Producers, Somsak Songthammakul, Daniel Yun; director, Danny Pang; cast, Pierre Png, Yvonne Lim. They become increasingly fearless, living according to their whims. Completed.


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"Kunpan, Legend of the Warlord," Action adventure. Producer, Chareon lamphungporn; director, Thanit Jitnukul; cast, Watchara Tangkaprasert, Bongkod Kongmalai, Apichai Nipattahuttapong. Kunpan saves his country and sacrifices his beloved. Completed.

Golden Sun

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Stand C34


Attending: Lan Tien Hong, president; Lan Ketsarinh, VP; Jirun Ratthanaviriyachai, acquisition manager.


"ShangHai Love Story," Drama. Producer, Allan Lan Hai Han; director, Yip Hong Wai; cast, Ng Sin Lian, David Ng. In production.

"Pra-A-Paimanee," Adventure. Producer, Jirun Ratthanaviryachai; director, Chalart Sriwanna; cast, Julaluck Kittiyarat, Surachi Sankarkat, Psassakorn Psamornbut. Completed.

"The Mighty Swordsman," Martial Arts. Producer, Agus Wasita; director, Lisawati Thahir. Completed.



Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 1, Stand B09

Phone: 8770-9467


Web site:

Attending: Richard Rionda Del Castro, chairman-CEO; Patricia Rionda Del Castro, VP; Sharon Dahan, distribution coordinator.


"Crime Spree," Action Comedy. Producers, Richard Rionda Del Castro, Gary Howsam, Jamie Brown; director, Brad Mirman; cast, Gerard Depardieu, Harvey Keitel, Johnny Hallyday. Wacky French burglars mistakenly rob the head of the Chicago Mafia. Completed.

"Absolon," Action adventure. Producers, Gary Howsam, Richard Rionda Del Castro, Jamie Brown; cast, Christopher Lambert, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ron Perlman. A deadly virus threatens to destroy the world in three days. Completed.

"Partners in Action," Action adventure. Producers, Gary Howsam, Richard Rionda Del Castro, Jamie Brown; director, Sidney Furie; cast, Armand Assante, Douglas Smith. A security guard witnesses a drug deal and is framed for murder. Completed.


Booth: Hall 10, Office B02-801


Web site:

Attending: Thierry Wase-Bailey, managing director-head of sales; Ana Ayesta, intl. sales exec; Simon Gosling, sales exec.


"The Squid and the Whale," Comedy. Producers, Wes Anderson, Peter Newman; director, Noah Baumbach; cast, Bill Murray, Laura Linney. The lives of the eccentric Carmel family spin out of control when the parents announce they are divorcing. Pre-production.

"Of Travellers and Magicans," Comedy. Producers, Malcolm Watson, Raymond Steiner; director, Khyentse Norbu; cast, Tsewang Dendup, Sonam Kinga, Deki Yangzom. Two journeys involving two men and two women are woven into an intricate tapestry of desires. In production.

"The Dreamers," Drama. Producer, Jeremy Thomas; director, Bernardo Bertolucci; cast, Michael Pitt, Eva Green, Louis Garrel. Three young cinephiles learn about life and love against a background of the 1968 student demonstrations in Paris. Post-production.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand A15

Phone: 4303-3081

Attending: Penny Schneider, president; Suzanne Barron, intl. sales; Heather McVicar, director of marketing


Continued from page 20


"Real Women Have Curves," Drama. Producers, George LaVoo, Effie T. Brown; director, Patricia Cardosa; cast, America Ferrera, Lupe Ontiveros, George Lopez. A Mexican-American teen clashes with her traditional-minded parents. Completed.

"My House in Umbria," Drama. Producers, Frank Doelger, Ann Wingate; director, Richard Loncraine; cast, Dame Maggie Smith, Chris Cooper, Timothy Spall. An unlikely group finds solace and friendship in the wake of a terrorist attack. Post-production.

"Live From Baghdad," Drama. Producers, Rosalie Swedlin, Sara Colleton, George W. Perkins; director, Mick Jackson; cast, Michael Keaton, Helena Bonham Carter, David Suchet. Reporters wrestle ethics, competition and the perils of war during the Gulf War. Post-production.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 2, Stnd E08


Attending: Christian Halsey Solomon, managing director; Lee Solomon, COO; Glenn Kendrick Ackermann, VP, intl. sales & distribution


"Hansel and Gretel," Family. Producers, Steve Austin, Jonathan Bogner; director, Gary Tunicliffe; cast, Lynn Redgrave, Howie Mandel, Delta Burke. A father reads a contemporary version of the classic fairy tale to his young children. Completed.

"Chump Change," Comedy. Producer, Mary Anne Page; director, Stephen Burrows; cast, Traci Lords, Tim Matheson, Jerry Stiller. A comedic satire about breaking in to the film business. Completed.

"Red Riding Hood," Family. Producers, Steve Austin, Jonathan Bogner; director, Kirk Wise. The classic story of what happens to a young girl on the way to visit her grandmother. Pre-production.

here! Films

Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 1, Stand B04

Attending: Mark Reinhart, president.


"Friends and Family," Comedy. Producer, Linda Moran; director, Kristen Coury; cast, Greg Lauren, Christopher Gartin. An openly gay Mafia couple get a surprise visit from their unsuspecting parents.

"Sordid Lives," Comedy. Producers, Sharyn Lane, Victoria Alonso, Max Civon; director, Del Shores; cast, Olivia Newton John, Beu Bridges, Bonnie Bedelia. Story of unconditional love, acceptance and "coming out" in a Texas family.

"Urbania," Producers, Stephanie Golden, Jun Shear, J.Todd Harris; director, Jun Shear; cast, Dan Futterman, Alan Cummings, Lothaire Blueteau. Traumatic loss transforms Charlie's life.

High Point

Booth: Pavilion 8, Hall 1, Office B24


Web site:

Attending: Carey Fitzgerald, managing director; Ronald de Neef, intl. consultant; Julie Murphy-Delaney.


"Bootleg," producers, Diana Kyle, Ewan Burnett; director, lan Gilmour; cast, Martin Jarvis, Steven Geller, Anthony Hammer. Two boys decide to fight the system when an overprotective government puts a total national ban on chocolate; 3 x 50 min. Post-production.

"The Face at the Window," producer, Josephine Ward; director, Graeme Harper; cast, Angelo Andreou, Andrew Lancel, Angela Downs. A group of British children decides to help a young refugee boy, who has fled his war-torn village in Eastern Europe. Completed.


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"The Debt," producer, Pier Wilkie; director, Jun Jones; cast, Warren Clarke, Hugo Speer, Lee Williams. An ex-convict takes on one last job to protect his family from a vicious loan shark. Post-production.

Highland Crest

Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B08


Web site:

Attending: Douglas Witkins, president; Koing Kuoch, VP, sales & acquisitions.

Hollywood Classics

Booth: Pavilion 8, Hall C, Office B35


Web site:

Attending: Joe Dreier, director; Melanie Tebb, marketing coordinator; John Flynn, director.


"Elvis: His Best Friend Remembers," Documentary. Producer-director, Terry Moloney. A tour through Diamond Joe Esposito's memories and memorablilia of Elvis Presley.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand A22

Phone: 4303-3315


Web site:

Attending: Rob Straight, president; Michele Taverna, sales & acquisitions; Caroline Stern, distribution manager.


"The Grudge," Horror. Producer, Taka Ichise; director, Takashi Shimzu; cast, Okina Magumi, Misaki Itu, Misa Uehara. A violent curse is transmitted to the next victim each time someone dies. Screening. "Inner Senses," Horror. Producer, Derek Yee; director, Lo Chi Leung; cast, Leslie Cheung, Karena Lam, Maggie Poon. A psychologist treating a patient who claims to see dead people begins acting in strange ways. Screening.

"If You Sing About Love," Drama. Producer, Taka Ichise; director, Shunsuke Kaneko; cast, Yuka, Nauru Takenaka. A brokenhearted woman meets a blundering genie whose efforts to find her true love get them lost in Australia. Screening.



Booth: Pavilion 26/1, Office A08


Attending: Guy Collins, chairman; Michael Ryan, creative director; Claudette Alderson, consultant.


"Secret Passage," Historical thriller. Producers, Jimmy de Brabant, Simona Benzakein; director, Ademir Kenovic; cast, John Turturro, Tara FitzGerald, Katherine Borowitz. Passion and betrayal test two sisters' bonds of faith and family. Screening.

"Carolina," Romantic comedy. Producers, Martin Bregman, Kate Guinzburg, Carol Baum, Lou Pitt; director, Marleen Gorris; cast, Julia Stiles, Shirley MacLaine, Alessandro Nivola. A young woman from a wildly eccentric family pursues dreams of love and success in Hollywood. Completed.

"Baltic Storm," Suspense thriller. Producers, Jutta Rabe, Kaj Holmberg; director, Reuben Leder; cast, Jurgen Prochnow, Greta Scacchi, Gotz Otto. A journalist tries to discover the truth behind the sinking of a ferry in the Baltic Sea. Pre-production.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Office C09

Phone: 4303-3930

Attending: Simon Crowe, head of sales; James Norrie, sales manager; Caroline Johnson, head of intl. marketing.


"Gladiatress," Comedy. Producers, Damian Jones, Graham Broadbent, Bruce Davey; director, Brian Grant; cast, Fiona Allen, Doon Mackichan, Sally Phillips. Three sisters are all that stand between Britain and the mighty Roman empire. In production.


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"American Cousins," Comedy. Producer, Margaret Matheson; director, Donald Coutts; cast, Danny Nucci, Shirley Henderson, Gerald Lepkowski. Comedy about life, love, fish and chips, guns and gangsters. Screening.

"The Singing Detective," Musical drama. Producers, Mel Gibson, Steven Haft, Bruce Davey; director, Keith Gordon; cast, Robert Downey Jr., Robin Wright Penn, Jeremy Northam. Incapacitated by a rare skin disease, a writer of pulp detective novels occupies his time by mapping out and reliving a screenplay based on his first novel. In production.


In Milan: Hotel Excelsior Gallia

Phone: 3902-6785

Attending: Jerome Bliah, president


"Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Clause," Family Drama. Producer, Duke Fenady; director, Charles Jarrot; cast, Charles Bronson. A girl who lives in New York City at the turn of the century finds faith in Christmas. Completed.

"Voyage," Action adventure. Producers, John Davis, Tarak Ben Ammar, Peby Guisez, Merril Karpf; director, John MacKenzie; cast, Rutger Hauer. A couple embarks on a high-seas adventure across the Mediterranean to save their troubled marriage. Completed.


Booth: Hall 8, Stand B10


Web site:

Attending: Antony I. Ginnnane, president; Ann Lyons, executive VP; Anthony J. Lyons, VP, intl..


"Hunting Humans," Thriller. Producers, Rick Ganz, Kevin Kangas; director, Kangas; cast, Ganz, Buddy Lewis, Lisa Michele Trent. A serial killer stalks his victims, deciding the best way to kill them by studying their patterns. Completed.

"In the Red," Action. Producers, Glenn Ruehland, Rina Reiss; director, Ruehland; cast, Steve Bisley, Damien Bradford, Terry Serrio. A gang has a passion for fast women and faster cars. Completed.

"Reign in Darkness," Horror. Producer-directors, Kel Dolen, David Allen; cast, Dolen, Chris Kerrison, David No. Scientists create an AIDS cure that unexpectedly turns people into vampires. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 2, Stand D02

Attending: Graham King, president; Pamela Pickering, president, sales & distribution; Schuyler Ha, VP of marketing.


"Aviator," Biopic. Director, Martin Scorsese; cast, Leonardo DiCaprio. Story of aviator Howard Hughes. Pre-production.

"Gangs of New York"



Booth: Hall 26 II, Office D02

Phone: 4303-3056, fax 4303-3112

Web site:

Attending: Jere Hausfater, president; Michael Dragotto, exec VP; Paula Endara, VP, intl. distribution.


"The Life of David Gale," Thriller. Producers, Nicolas Cage, Norm Golightly; director, Alan Parker; cast, Kevin Spacey, Laura Linney, Kate Winslet. A reporter is assigned to cover the impending execution of a former anti-death penalty activist convicted of rape and murder who is claiming to be innocent.

"Mindhunters," Action thriller. Producers, Bobby Newmyer, Jeffrey Silver, Cary Brokaw; director, Renny Harlin; cast, LL Cool J, Val Kilmer, Christian Slater. When an elite unit of FBI cadets is sent to a remote island facility for a final tactical exercise, they discover that one of them is a killer.


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"Adaptation," Comedy. Producers, Edward Saxon, Vincent Landay; director, Spike Jonze; cast, Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper. A self-loathing screenwriter tries to unravel the mystery behind a renegade environmentalist who steals orchids.


Booth: Hall 26.2, Office E01-D04


Web site:

Attending: Paola Corvino, Micaela Fusco, Jef Nuyts.


"The Best Day of My Life" (II Piu Bel Giorno Della Mia Vita), Drama. Producers, Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz; director, Cristina Comencini; cast, Margherita Buy, Virna Lisi, Sandra Ceccarelli. Irene is the only member of her family happy to return to the family home of three generations. Screening.

"V-Max," Drama. Producer, Domenico Procacci; director, Daniele Vicari; cast, Valerio Mastandrea, Cristiano Morroni, Alessia Barela. A teenager gets a job with a car workshop owner who takes part in illegal car races. Screening.

"A Journey Called Love" (Un Viaggio Chiamoto Amore), Drama. Producers, Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz; director, Michele Placido; cast, Laura Morante, Stefano Accorsi. The life and scandalous loves of early 20th-century poet Sibilla Aleramo. Screening


Booth: 0-05, Pavilion 26-1


Web site:

Attending: Stuart Alson, president; Jack Campbell, director of sales & acquisitions; Renata Bialkowski, VP of sales and marketing


"Guru Wayne," Comedy. Producer-director, Letitia McQuade; cast, Todd Macdonald, Jane Allsop, Fletcher Humphrys. College students start a cult. Completed.

"Big Apple," Comedy-mystery. Producer-director, Danny Lerner; cast, Chantal Ughi, Jaid Barrymore, Carlos Leon. Angel knows everything about women, Max has never been with a woman and Jackie is looking for the man of her dreams as they all get entangled in a bizarre mystery of murder. Completed.

"Sleepaway Camp 2," Horror. Cast: Pamela Springsteen, Michael J. Pollard.


Kathy Morgan Intl.

Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 2, Stand D14

Phone: 4303-3593, fax 4303-3600


Attending: Kathy Morgan, president; Kimberly Fox, director intl. sales; Carrie Kommers, director of marketing & acquisitions.


"The Rum Diary," Drama. Producers, Robed Kravis, Anthony Rhulen, Greg Shapiro; cast, Johnny Depp, Josh Hartnett, Benicio Del Toro. Love, jealousy, treachery and lust combust in 1950s Puerto Rico. Pre-production.

"The Butterfly Effect," Thriller. Producers, Chris Bender, AJ Dix, Anthony Rhulen; directors, Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber; cast, Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart. A young man who can replace his memories accidentally transforms the lives of his friends and family. Post-production.

"Resistance," Drama. Producers, Laurerns Geels, Paige Simpson; director, Todd Komarnicki; cast, Bill Paxton, Julia Ormond. An American fighter pilot is saved by the Belgian resistance and falls in love with a married woman. Screening.


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Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office B.24


Web site:

Attending: Alain Maurice Katz, president.


Booth: Stand B25 & C16

Attending: Romana Danicova, VP, worldwide distribution; Michael Strange, president; Tim Brown, VP, distribution.


"Air Bud: Spikes Back," Family. Producers, Robert Vince, Anna McRoberts; director, Vince; cast, Katija Pevec, Jake Smith, Tyler Boissonnault. Buddy and Andrea hit the beach for some volleyball. Post-production.

"MVP3: Most Extreme Primate," Family. Producers, Robed Vince, Anna McRoberts; director, Vince; cast, Devin Drewitz, Gwynth Walsh, Rob Tinkler. Jack is off to the slopes in Utah for his most extreme adventure yet. Post-production.

"Minkey P.I.," Family. Producers, Robert Vince, Anna McRoberts; director, Vince. Minkey and Rusty are the top PIs in Chicago. Pre-production.



Web site:

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Office C17

Attending: Kevin Williams, president; Fatima Urosa, administrator.


"I Love You Baby," Romantic comedy. Producer, Paco Ramos; directors, Alfonso Albacete, David Menkes; cast, Tiare Scanda, Jorge Sanz. An innocent in the big city swings both ways, with unpleasant circumstances. Screening.

"The Blue Room" (La Habitacion Azul) Erotic. Director, Waiter Doehner; cast, Juan Bernal, Patricia Llaca, Elena Anaya. A married man takes up with an old flame. Screening.

"El Caballero Don Quijote," Drama. Producer, Juan Gona; director, Manuel Gutierrez Aragon; cast, Juan Luis Galiardo, Carlos Iglesias, Emma Suarez. The second part of Cervantes' epic on the end of chivalry. Screening.



Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 1, Stand A04

Phone: 4303-3097, fax 4303-3113

Attending: Stephanie Denton, president; Eric Reid, COO; Virginia Longmuir, VP, intl. business & legal affairs.


"Underworld," Horror. Producers, Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi; director, Len Wiseman; cast, Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Bill Nighy. A tale of forbidden love is set amid an ancient war between vampires and werewolves; production.

"The Human Stain," Drama. Producers, Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, Scott Steindorff; director, Robed Benton; cast, Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman, Ed Harris. A disgraced classics professor's defiant attitudes and affair with a younger woman result in his sudden death. Post-production.

"Just a Kiss," Comedy. Producer, Matthew Roland; director, Fisher Stevens; cast, Marisa Tomei, Kyra Sedgewick, Ron Eldard. An innocent kiss is more than best friends can handle when infidelity becomes a comic adventure. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand C13

Phone: 4303-3786


Attending: Richard Guardian, president; Rich Goldberg, principal


"American Gun," Drama. Producer, Brent Morris; director, Alan Jacobs; cast, James Coburn, Virginia Madsen, Barbara Bain. Following the senseless death of his daughter, a man traces the history of the gun that killed her seeking to understand the tragedy.


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"Anazapta," Thriller. Producers, Jason Jiette, Michael Linonello Cowan, David Ball; director, Alberto Sciamma; cast, Lena Heady, Jason Flemyng, David La Haye. A French nobleman may be the key to salvation for an English town beset by the plague in the Dark Ages.

"On-Line," Comedy. Producers, Tanya Selvaratnam, Adam Brightman; director, Jeb Weintrob; cast, Josh Hamilton, Harold Perrineau, Isabel Gillies. A growing worldwide community of people who conduct most of their social and sexual lives on their computer.

Lions Gate

Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B23

Phone: 4303-3121, fax 4303-3161


Web site:

Attending: Nicolas Meyer, Sergei Yershov, co-presidents, Lions Gate Intl.; Peter Block, president, Lions Gate home entertainment, acquisitions and new media.


"Shattered Glass," Drama. Producers, Craig Baumgarten, Adam Merims, Gaye Hirsch; director, Billy Ray, cast, Hayden Christensen, Rosario Dawson, Steve Zahn. The rise and fall of controversial political journalist Steven Glass. In production.

"Confidence," Thriller. Producers, Marc Butan, Michael Paseornek, Michael Ohoven; director, James Foley; cast, Edward Burns, Dustin Hoffman, Andy Garcia. Grifter Jake Vig and his team attempt the con of a lifetime against a raging and ruthless crime boss known as the King. Post-production.

"The Other Side of the Bed," Comedy. Producers, Thomas Cimadevilla, Jose Sainz De Vicuna; director, Emilio Martinez-Lazaro; cast, Ernesto Alterio, Paz Vega, Guillermo Toledo. Betrayed friendships, strange detectives and psychotic stalkers prove that in love and sex, things never happen the way they should. Screening.


Booth: Hall 8, Office B25


Web site:

Attending: Marina Fuentes, Will Machin.


"Song for a Raggy Boy," Drama. Director, Aisling Walsh; cast, Aidan Quinn, Iain Glen, Marc Warren. Franklin returns from war to a teaching position at a strict Irish reform school and is forced to fight tyranny again. Post-production.

"Beyond Desire" (Deseo), producer, Andres Vicente Gomez; director, Gerardo Vera; cast, Leonor Watling, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Cecilia Roth. A woman is forced to serve a wealthy Argentine after her father is shot and her husband is jailed. Completed.

"Shanghai Spell," Drama. Producer, Andres Vicente Gomez; director, Fernando Trueba, cast, Ariadna Gil, Fernando Fernan Gomez, Eduard Fernandez. A 14-year-old boy and a precocious young girl share paternal absence, a thirst for knowledge and inexperience and fall in love. Completed.



Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand C13

Phone: 4303-3786


Web site:

Attending: Marc Greenberg, Rich Goldberg, presidents; Tannaz Anisi, VP, intl. sales


"Descendant," Thriller. Cast, Katherine Heigl, Jeremy London. The modern-day descendant of Edgar Allen Poe struggles to complete his newest bestseller before the fall of the House of Usher. Completed.


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"Bike Squad," Children's. Cast, Braden Parks, Callie Waterman, Graham Pillman. An evil dogcatcher is snatching pets and selling them to a local lab for scientific testing. Completed.

"Island Prey," Thriller. Cast, Olivia Hussey, Don Murray, Anthony Dennison. A momentary indiscretion has a woman fighting for her marriage and her life. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office B51


Web site:

Attending: Pablo Davila, sales manager.


"Private Lives," Drama. Director, Fito Paez; cast, Cecilia Roth, Gael Garcia Bernal, Hector Alterio. Shattering drama about the scars of dictatorship. Completed.

"The Cosmonaut's Wife," Comedy. Director, Jacques Monet. Hilarious comedy about love and marriage. Completed.


Booth: Stand A 27

Attending: Mark Damon, chairman-CEO; Richard Kiratsoulis, president-COO; Reiko Bradley, exec VP, worldwide distribution.


"11:14," Drama. Producers, Beau Flynn, John Morrissey; director, Greg Marcks; cast, Hilary Swank, Rachael Leigh Cook, Patrick Swayze. Five stories on murder and deceit. Post-production.

"Monster," Drama. Producers, Mark Damon, Donald Kushner, Brad Wyman; director, Patty Jenkins; cast, Kate Beckinsale, Britanny Murphy. A prostitute falls in love with a naive girl while on a rampage killing her old clients. Pre-production.

"Havoc," Drama. Producers, Jack F. Murphy, John Morrissey; director, Barbara Kopple; cast, Kate Bosworth. A group of wealthy teens emulates Los Angeles gang culture. Pre-production.

Media Luna

Booth: B.33-C.24


Attending: Ida Martins, CEO; Andrea Breitkreutz, sales manager.


"Eclipse," Drama. Producers, Herbert Brodl, Peter Stockhaus; director, Brodl; cast, Matheus Nachtergaele, Betty Gofman, Paulo Vespucio. Love story set against the background of a crime. Completed.

"Meisje," Drama. Producers, Jan De Clercq, Dominique Janne; cast, Charlotte Vanden Eynde, Els Dottermans, Frieda Pittoors. Story of three women at key moments in their lives. Completed.

"Die Datsche," Drama. Producer, Sabine Manthey, Bernhard Koellisch; director, Carsten Fiebeler; cast, Catherine Flemming, Michael Kind, Uwe Kockisch. When a married couple is attacked by two robbers, unforeseen circumstances bring the attackers and the victims together. Completed.

Media Vision

Booth: Stand A1-123


Web site:

Attending: John Rodsett; Tim Lennane.


"Quiet Kill," Thriller. Producers, David Hawk, John Rodsett; director, Mark Jones, cast, Corbin Bernsen, Ron Perlman. A night of passion turns deadly in a town terrorized by a serial killer. Post-production.

"Flames of Passion," Drama. Producers, Pete Shaner, S. Douglas Smith; director, Pete Shaner; cast, Dawnn Lewis, Max Gail. A woman's lost lover returns to her through flames of passion. Completed.

"Up Michigan," Drama. Producer-director, Jason Morgan; cast, Erik Estrada, Joan Van Ark. A high school reunion ignites old loves and old conflicts. Completed.


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Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Office B24


Web site:

Attending: Jacques Le Glou, Loic Magheron.


"The Trilogy" (La Trilogie): "On the Run" (Cavale), "An Amazing Couple" (Un Couple Epatant), "After Life" (Apres a Vie) producer, Patrick Sobelman; director, Lucas Belvaux; cast, Dominique Blanc, Ornella Mutti, Catherine Frot. The crossing stories of different characters within three films. Screening.

"In My Skin" (Dans Ma Peau), producer, Laurence Farenc, director, Marina de Van; cast, de Van, Laurent Lucas, Lea Drucker. Everything in Esther's life looks promising until she accidentally discovers she has a burning curiosity for her own body. Screening.

"Les Diables," producer, Bertrand Faivre; director, Christophe Ruggia; cast, Vincent Rottier, Adele Haenel, Jacques Bonaffe. Joseph and Chloe, two abandoned children, set out to find their parents' home and cure Chloe's muteness. Screening.

Milestone Media

Booth: Hall 8, Stand A02-B01


Attending: Ami Artzi; Israel Baron; Liron Artzi.


"The Bridgeman," Drama. Director, Geza Bermenyi; cast, Karoly Eperjes, Irina Latchina. Hungarian Count Szechenyi leads his country in an uprising against the Habsburg monarchy.

"Chopin," Drama. Director, Fridrik Thor Fridridksson. The famous composer has a turbulent and passionate relationship with author George Sands and his manager Jane Stirling. Pre-production.

David L. Wolper Library, Movies, docus and TV specials from one of Hollywood's most respected and prolific producers.

Mind Creator

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Stand B41

Phone: 9418-9645


Attending: Caros Yau, general manager; Becky Or, administration manager; Tony Shu, coordinator.


"Sino-Dutch War 1661," Drama. Producer, Li Ning; director, Wu Zi Niu; cast, Chiu Man Cheuk, Shiu Ling, Yoko Shimada. The story of Zheng Cheng Gong at the end of the Ming dynasty.

"Special Police Force," Drama. Producer, Yau Chung Sang; director, C.K. Ho; cast, Cynthia Khan, K.K. Cheung, Collin Chou. A female Hong Kong police inspector faces personal problems after the death of her lover,


Booth: Pavilion 8, Office B40


Web site:

Attending: Gianluca Curti, chairman & CEO; Cristina Cassano, VP, intl. dept; Francesca Mariani, Sara Polese, sales assistants.


"Killers on Holiday" (Assassini dei Giorni di Festa). Director, Damiano Damiani; cast, Carmen Maura, Riccardo Reim, Agnese Nano. A troupe of actors is inspired by a funeral to use reality as a stage. Completed.

"Malavana" (Malabana), Black comedy. Producer, Andrea Magnoni; director, Guido Giansoldati; cast, Fabio Sartor, Silvia Aguila, Luis Alberto Garcia. A small consignment of cocaine ends up in the hands of two clumsy criminals. Completed.

"II Campagno Americano," Comedy. Director, Barbara Barni; cast, Nancy Brilli, Tosca D'Aquino, Hugh O'Conor. Acommunist changes a 1940s Italian film shoot about the fascist regime into the first Italian neorealist feature. Completed.


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Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B31

Phone: 4303-3178, fax 4303-3203

Attending: Rick Sands, chairman, worldwide distribution; Edward Noeltner, senior VP, distribution & sales; Marc Bunag, VP, creative marketing.


"J.M. Barrie's Neverland," Drama. Producers, Nellie Bellflower, Richard Gladstein; cast, Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Dustin Hoffman. A playwright defies the conventions of Edwardian London by befriending a lonely widow and being a surrogate father to her four young sons. In production.

"Ella Enchanted," Fantasy. Producer, Jane Startz; director, Tommy O'Haver; cast, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy, Cary Elwes. A young girl cursed to unconditionally obey the commands of those around her must learn to think for herself. In production.

"The Great Raid," Action adventure. Director, John Dahl; cast, Benjamin Bratt, Joseph Fiennes, Connie Nelson. U.S. rangers and an American guerrilla liberate a Japanese prison camp in the Philippines. In production,


Booth: Pavilion 10 Hall 2 Ex C3

Phone: 43 03 37 54


Web site:

Attending: Cassie Yoo, VP; Erica Nam, manager; Kawon Oh, manager


"A Perfect Match," Romantic comedy. Producer, Dong-Kyu Ahn; director, Ji-Eun Moh; cast, Eun-Kyung Shin, Jun-Ho Jung. A leading matchmaker finally finds a boyfriend of her own. Completed.

"Family," Comedy. Producer, Kyung,Eun Shin; director, Jin-Won Choi; cast, Shin-Hye Hwang, Da-Hun Yoon, Min-Jong Kim. Gangster brothers wage war against two sisters who run a luxury nightclub. Completed


Booth: c/o Unifrance--Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Office B24

Phone: 4303-3801.


Web site:

Attending: Olivier-Rene Veillon, VP, intl; Florence Stern, head of intl. sales.


"Salome," Dance drama. Director, Carlos Saura; cast, Aida Gomez, Pete Arquillue, Javier Toca. The biblical legend of Salome. Completed.

"Fellini" (Fellini, Sono un Gran Bugiardo), Documentary. Producer, Olivier Gal; director, Damian Pettigrew. An entertaining and unique portrait of Fellini.

"Abouna," Drama. Director, Mahamat-Saleh Haroun; cast, Ahidjo Mahamat Moussa, Hamza Moctar Aguid, Zara Haroun. When two young brothers awake one morning to learn that their father has left home, they decide to go in search of him. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Stand D12

Attending: Michael Weiser, CEO-president; Ken DuBow, senior VP, worldwide sales; Andy Schreiber, consultant.


Playboy Home Video--Eros Collection, Adult.

Playboy Home Video--Core Series, Adult.


Booth: 26/2, Office E04

Phone: 4303-3402


Attending: David Kosse, managing director; Sally Caplan, snr. VP, acquisitions & business affairs.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B46

Phone: 4303-3120


Attending: Ernst Stroh, CEO; Yael Stroh, president; Dana Williams, VP.



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"Together," Producers, Chen Hong, Lee Jooick; director, Chen Kaige; cast, Tang Yun, Liu Peiqi, Chen Hong. A 13-year-old country boy goes to the big city with his father to study at a famous music school. Screening.

"Planning Lawrence Fankhouser's Death," Dark Comedy. Producers, Donald Zuckerman, Etchie Stroh, Andrew D.T. Pfeffer. Three bumbling bank robbers decide to become hit men.

"Children on Their Birthdays," Drama. Producers, Ginger Perkins, William Immerman; director, Mark Medoff; cast, Sheryl Lee, Christopher MacDonald, Joe Pichler. A 13-year-old girl and her friends outsmart a con man. Screening.

Motion Picture Corp.

Booth: Hall C8, Stand All

Phone: 4303-3201, fax 4303-4025


Attending: Brad Krevoy; Sigrid Ann Davison; Danielle Robertson.


"Barely Legal," Comedy. Producers, Brad Krevoy, Claus Rettig, David Kirkpatrick; director, David Evans; cast, Erik Von Detten, Amy Smart, Horatio Sanz. A group of teenagers tries producing a porno movie after school. Screening.

"Bookies," Thriller. Producers, Alan Greenspan, Paul Greenstone, Sabine Muller; director, Mark Illsley; cast, Nick Stahl, Rachael Leigh Cook, Lukas Haas. Sports gambling populates college campuses and student run bookmaking operations. Post-production.

"Boat Trip," Comedy. Producers, Brad Krevoy, Gerhard Schmidt, Frank Hubner; director, Mort Nathan; cast, Cuba Goodling Jr., Horatio Sanz, Vivica A. Fox. The story of two guys who find fun, romance and adventure on a Mediterranean vacation boat cruise. Screening.


Booth: Pavilion 10-2, Office A05-B06

Phone: 4303-3499


Web site:

Attending: Gary Phillips, Mark Vennis, managing directors; Claire Battersby, director of marketing & publicity.


"The Rage in Placid Lake," Comedy. Producer, Marian Macgowan; director, Tony Mcnamara; cast, Ben Lee, Rose Byrne, Miranda Richardson. Two parentally neglected teenagers find the courage to believe in themselves. Post-production.

"Fear X," Drama. Producer, Henrik Danstrup; director, Nicolas Winding Refn; cast, John Turturro, Deborah Unger, James Remar. Prompted by mysterious visions, Harry journeys to discover the true circumstances surrounding his wife's murder. Post-production.

"Biggie & Tupac," Documentary. Producer, Michele D'Acosta; director, Nick Broomfield. The story behind the murder of rap music's biggest superstars. Screening.


Booth: G03

Web site:

Attending: Bernard Majani, director; Isabelle Drouart, sales manager.


"Not for, or Against, Quite the Contrary," Thriller. Director, Cedric Klapisch; cast, Marie Gillain, Vincent Elbaz. Small-time armed robbers enlist a camera operator to film their achievements. Screening.

"Anything You Say," Director, Guillaume Canet; cast, Canet, Francois Berleand, Diane Kruger. The creator of a popular TV show tries to persuade the producers to let him present it himself. Screening.


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"Irene," Romantic comedy. Director, Yvan Calberac; cast, Cecile de France, Bruno Putzulu, Olivier Sitruk. irene is still single in her 30s because every time she meets a guy, it's a disaster. Screening.


Booth: Hall 8, Stand A12--B17

Attending: Kirk D'Amico, president; Eric Christenson, exec VP, sales & distribution; Samantha Horley, senior VP, intl. distribution.


"Imagining Argentina," Thriller. Producers, Geoffrey Lands, Michael Peyser, Santiago Pozo; director, Christopher Hampton; cast, Antonio Banderas, Emma Thompson. A journalist critical of the government disappears without a trace. In production.

"Jeepers Creepers 2," Horror. Producer, Tom Luse; director, Victor Salva; cast, Jonathan Breck, Nicki Aycox, Eric Nenninger. A stranded high school basketball team and its cheerleaders become prey for an ancient flesh-eating creature. Post-production.

"My Dark Places," Mystery. Producers, Michael McDonnell, Kirk D'Amico, Robert Greenwald; director, Greenwald; cast, David Duchovny. Based on James Ellroy's autobiographical novel, the writer searches for his mother's killer. Pre-production.


New Concorde

Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand C06


Web site:

Attending: Kasey McDonald, director, intl. sales; Gary Jones, president, worldwide distribution


"Sting of the Black Scorpion," Action adventure. Producer, Marta Mobley; director, Gwyneth Gibby; cast, Michelle Lintel, Scott Valentine, Martin Kove. The fearless and sultry Black Scorpion protects L.A. from supervillains. Completed.

"Slaughter Studios," Horror. Producer, Damian Akhavi; director, Brian Katkin; cast, Andrew Craig, Lorissa McComas. Young filmmakers at an abandoned movie studio are haunted by a killer. Completed.

"The Cheerleader Massacre," Horror. Producer, Roger Martin; director, Jim Wynorski; cast, Tamie Sheffield, Charity Rahmer, Erin Byron. Cheerleaders face a serial killer during a storm. Completed.

New Line

Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 2, Stand E07-D12

Phone: 4303-3210, fax 4303-3223

Attending: Rolf Mitweg, president-COO, worldwide distribution & marketing; Camela Galano, president; Nestor Nieves, exec VP.


"Final Destination 2," Horror. Producers, Warren Zide, Craig Perry; director, David Ellis; cast, Ali Larter, A.J. Cook, Michael Landes. A 19-year-old girl's visions help her save lives, but she can't stop her friends from vanishing. In production.

"Willard," Horror. Producers, Glen Morgan, James Wong; director, Morgan; cast, Crispin Glover, R. Lee Ermey, Laura Harring. A lonely man befriends and tames a legion of rats and uses them for revenge. In production.

"Secondhand Lions," Comedy. Producers, David Kirschner, Digital Domain; director, Tim McCanlies; cast, Haley Joel Osment, Michael Caine, Robert DuVall. A shy 12-year-old boy spends the summer with his possibly bank-robber uncles. Pre-production.

New Zealand Film Commission

Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B05


Continued from page 31

Phone: 4303-3144


Web site:

Attending: Ruth Harley, chief exec; Kathleen Drumm, marketing & sales.


"Tongan Ninja," Martial Arts. Producers, Andrew Calder, Jason Stutter; director, Stutter; cast, Sam Manu, Jemaine Clement. Screening.

"Toy Love," Comedy. Producer, Juliette Veber; director, Harry Sinclair; cast, Dean O'Gorman, Kate Elliott, Marissa Stott. A young man lusts after an unpredictable woman. Screening.

"Perfect Strangers," Thriller. Producers, Robin Laing, Gaylene Preston; director, Preston; cast, Sam Neill, Rachael Blake. Melanie goes home with the best-looking stranger in the room, only to discover she's been kidnapped. Post-production.




Web site:

Attending: Kiyohiko Shoji, general manager; Kiyoe Takagi, senior staff; Yasue Nobusawa, manager.


"Aiki," Drama. Producers, Hisa lino, Yasushi Matsuda, Shunsuke Koga; director, Daisuke Tengan; cast, Haruhiko Kato, Rie Tomosaka. A former boxer confined to a wheelchair learns a nonviolent martial art. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office B23


Attending: Sanne Arloe, Susan Wendt, Klaus Rasmussen, sales execs.


"Everyone Loves Alice," Drama. Director, Richard Hobert; cast, Lena Endre, Marie Richardson, Michael Persbrant. Contemporary tale of family relationships and the effects of a split-up on the children. Screening.

"The Guy in the Grave Next Door," Comedy/drama. Director, Kjeil Sundvall; cast, Michael Nygvist, Elisabeth Carlsson. Comedy about unexpected and unlimited love. Screening.

"Facing the Truth," Drama. Director, Nils Malmros; cast, Jens Albinus, Lise Stegger. At the end of WWII, a brain surgeon uses a new X-ray technique that gives patients tumors years later. Screening.

Nu Image/ Millennium


Booth: Hall 8, Stand C11

Phone: 4303-4652, fax 4303-3643

Attending: Avi Lerner, Danny Dimbort, co-chairmen-CEOs; Carole DeLosSantos, VP of intl.


"When the Ride Is Ruff," Producers, John Thomas, Boaz Davidson; director, Kirk Wong; cast, Wesley Snipes. A motorcycle gang seeks revenge on a rival gang. Pre-production.

"Blind Horizon," Producers, John Thomas, Boaz Davidson; director, Michael Haussman; cast, Val Kilmer. A man's mysterious identity unravels as he uncovers a plot to assassinate the president. Pre-production.

"Hell," Producers, John Thompson, Danny Lerner, Boaz Davidson; director, Ringo Lam; cast, Jean-Claude Van Damme. An innocent man is trapped in a prison where he must fight hardened criminals to the death. Post-production.



Booth: c/o Grupo Pi--Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office C33

Phone: 4303-3818


Web site:

Attending: Geraldine Gonard, Grupo Pi.


"You'll Be Back" (Volveras), Thriller. Producer-director, Antonio Chavarrias; cast, Tristan Ulloa, Unax Ugalde, Joanna Rane. The renewed relationship between two brothers develops into an uncontrollable and dangerous dependence. Screening.


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"Aro Tolbukhin: In the Mind of a Killer," Thriller. Producer, Antonio Chavarrias; director, Agustin Villaronga, Lydia Zimmermann, Isaac P. Racine; cast, Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Carmen Beato. The story of Aro Tobukhin, who was sentenced to death for burning alive seven people in a mission in Guatemala. Screening.

"The Dutchman's Island" (L'Illa de L'holandes), Thriller. Producers, Antonio Chavarrias, Emilio Oviedo; director, Sigfrid Monleon; cast, Pere Ponce, Cristina Plazas, Feodor Atkine. A young university lecturer is deported to an island for his political activity. Screening.

Overseas/First Look

Booth: Stand A08 & B11


Web site:

Attending: Robert Little, co-chairman & president, First Look Media; Liz Mackiewicz, senior VP, intl. sales, Overseas film group; Brian O'Shea, senior VP, intl. sales, Overseas film group.


"Between Strangers," Drama. Producers, Gabriella Martinelli, Elda Fern, Roberto Pace; director, Edoardo Ponti; cast, Sephia Lore, Mira Sorvino, Deborah Kara Unger. Three women confront their past and embrace life's possibilities. Screening.

"Julie Walking Home," Drama. Producers, Karel Dirka, Paul Stephens, Iwona Ziulkowska; director, Agnieszka Holland; cast, Miranda Otto, Lothaire Bluteau, William Fichtner. The mother of a 10-year-old boy finds the man who saved them both may be making her son sick. Screening.

"Evelyn," Drama. Producers, Pierce Brosnan, Beu St, Clair, Michael Ohoven; director, Bruce Beresford; cast, Brosnan, Aidan Quinn, Julianna Margulies. When an Irish man loses custody of his children, he hires renegade lawyers to get them back. Screening.



Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 2, Stand E10-D14

Attending: Sebnem Askin, exec VP, worldwide sales; Jennifer Stewart, director, operations; Michelle McDonald, coordinator, intl. sales.


"Tempting Pandora," Producers, Hunt Lowry, Casey La Scala; director, William Malone; cast, Kip Pardue, Robed Carlyle. A young man uses his confidential interview with a notorious serial killer to gain admittance to Harvard's psychology program. In development.

"Grind," Producers, Hunt Lowry, Casey La Scala, Billy Gerber; director, Ralph Sail. Four skaters follow the summer tour of a skateboard star. Pre-production.

"Blue Collar Comedy Tour," Director, C.B. Harding; cast, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White. Screening.


Booth: Hall C26-1, Stand B5


Attending: Scott Bedno, VP, worldwide sales & acquisitions; Matthew McCombs, president.


"Hellborn," Horror. Director, Philip J. Jones; cast, Bruce Payne, Tiny Lister, Tracy Scoggins. A young doctor uncovers a demonic cult and must escape before becoming the next victim. Screening.

"Backflash," Thriller. Director, Philip J. Jones; cast, Robed Patrick, Jennifer Esposito. A shy videostore clerk picks up a beautiful hitchhiker. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10-2, Office C19


Continued from page 33


Web site:

Attending: Jim Howell, CEO; Simon Barnes, head of production & creative affairs; Hannah Rothman, marketing & sales exec.


"Nine Dead Gay Guys," Comedy. Producer, Lamia Nayeb St-Hilaire; director, Lab Ky Mo; cast, Michael Praed, Steven Berkoff, Vas Blackwood. Two Irish lads stumble through London's gay scene in search of gainful employment. Screening.

"Two Men Went to War," Comedy. Producers Ira Trattner, Pat Harding; director, John Henderson; cast, Kenneth Cranham, Leo Bill, Derek Jacobi. Two army dentists go AWOL in search of front-line action. Screening.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall II, Office D08-E05


Web site:

Attending: Alison Thompson, head of sales; Moyra Lock, head of marketing; Berenice Fugard, head of acquisitions.


"Max," Drama. Producer, Andras Hamori; director, Menno Meyjas; cast, John Cusack, Noah Taylor, Leelee Sobieski. Drama about artist Max Rothman's relationship with Adolf Hitler. Screening.

"Wondrous Oblivion," Drama. Producer, Jonny Persey; director, Paul Morrison; cast, Delroy Lindo, Emily Woof. A Jewish boy in 1960s England has to come to terms with the prejudice his new Jamaican neighbors face. In production.

"Girl With a Pearl Earring," Period drama. Producer, Andy Paterson; director, Peter Webber; cast, Colin Firth, Scarlet Johansson. The story behind one of Vermeer's greatest and most enigmatic paintings. Pre-production.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Stand NE14

Email: mail@seepeppermint, com

Web site:

Attending: Knobloch Michael, managing director.


"Pigs Will Fly," Drama. Director, Eoin Moorer; cast, Andreas Schmidt, Thomas Morris, Laura Tonke. A control-freak Berlin policeman who beats his wife must learn that love and respect are earned. Completed.

"In Search of an Impotent Man," Comedy. Director, John Henderson; cast, Katrin Weiber, Tim Williams, Sandra Leonhard. A successful woman in her late 20s tired of being cheated on comes up with a solution. Completed.

"Moonlight," Thriller. Dirctor, Paula van der Oest; cast, Andrew Howard, Jemma Redgrave, Laurien van den Broeck. Teenage Claire discovers a drug-runner in her garden shed. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Stand C05

Phone: 4303-3621


Web site:

Attending: Ted Rosenblatt; Tamar Chalets.


"Gravity Kills," Thriller. Producer, John Bennett; director, Ken Santzel. A man changes his identity to get revenge on two detectives running an extortion scheme. Pre-production.

"A Slipping:Down Life," Drama. Producer, Richard Raddon; director, Toni Kalem; cast, Lili Taylor, Guy Pearce. A seductive musician's success becomes dependent on the obsessive infatuation of a devoted fan. Completed.

"Wooly Boys," Comedy. Producer, Robert Schwartz; director, Leszek Burzynski; cast, Peter Fonda, Kris Kristofferson, Keith Carradine. A city-bred teenager is kidnapped by his sheep rancher grandfather. Completed.


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Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Stand C33

Phone: 2430-3818

Attending: Geraldine Gonard, sales director; Mercedes Segura, marketing director; Alvaro Escribano, sales manager.


"Aro Tolbukhin. In the Mind of a Killer," Drama. Directors, Agusti Villaronga, Lydia Zimmermann, Isaac Racine; cast, Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Carmen Beato, Zoltan Jozan. A false documentary about a true murder. Screening.

"My Mother Likes Women," Comedy. Directors, Daniela Fejerman, Ines Paris; cast, Leonor Watling, Rosa M Sarda, Maria Pujalte. A famous pianist separated from her husband tells her daughters she is in love with a woman. Screening.

"The Dutchman's Island," Director, Sigfrid Monleon; cast, Pere Ponce, Cristina Plazas, Feodor Atkine. In 1969, a professor is exiled to an island because of his political activities. Screening.

Picture This!

Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B08


Web site:

Attending: Douglas Witkins, president; Koing Kuoch, VP, sales & acquisitions.


"Eban & Charley," Drama. Producer, Chris Monlux; director, James Bolton; cast, Giovani Andrade, Brent Fellows. When a 15-year-old boy's friendship with a young school teacher begins to deepen, controversy erupts. Completed.

Pony Canyon

Booth: C23

Phone: 5144-3412


Web site:

Attending: Shinji Sakoda, deputy general manager, intl. distribution.


"Muscle Heat," Action. Producers, Kazuya Hamana, Toshiaki Nakazawa; director, Ten Shimoyama; cast, Kane Kosugi, Sho Aikawa, Masaya Kato. In 2009, a man tries to save the world from a drug called Muscle Heat with his naked fists. Completed.

"The Thirteen Steps," Drama. Producer, Masaru Kakutani; director, Masahiko Nagasawa; cast, Takashi Sorimachi, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Rena Tanaka. A man with no memory of the crime he was convicted of awaits his execution. Post-production.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Hall 1, Stand C04


Web site:

Attending: Michael Jacobs, senior VP, worldwide sales; Stephanie Slack, Adam Wright, VPs, worldwide sales.


"Killer Flood: The Day the Dam Broke," Action adventure. Producers, Peter Beckwith, David Peters; director, Doug Campbell; cast, Joe Lando, Michele Greene, Bruce Boxleitner. An architect tries to save a town from a flood that threatens to overwhelm the dam he built to protect it. Completed.

"Charging Hearts," Drama. Producers, Randy Holleschau, Sonny Smith, Michael Edwards; director, Martin Guigui; cast, Lauren Holly, Faye Dunaway, Tom Skerritt. Two women--one in the prime of her life, one in her twilight years--come to terms with death. Screening.

"Inhabited," Thriller. Producer, Kenneth Burke; director, Kelly Sandefur; cast, Megan Gallagher, Eric Lutes, Malcom McDowell. A family is unaware of the evil lurking in the woods near their new house. Completed.


Booth: Hall 8, Office A31

Phone: 4303-3168


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Attending: Tristan Whalley; Jane Baker.


"Intermission," Drama. Producers, Chris Brown, Chris Fitchett; director, Evan Clarry; cast, Matthew Newton, Jess Gower, Kristian Schmid. A couple's breakup sends ripples through the lives of everyone around them. In production.

"Blurred," Comedy. Producers, Chris Brown, Chris Fitchett; director, Evan Clarry; cast, Matthew Newton, Jess Gower, Kristian Schmid. Graduates try to reach the Geld Coast to celebrate their release from school. Post-production.

"Anita & Me," Comedy. Producer, Paul Raphael; director, Metin Huseyin; cast, Chandeep Uppal, Anna Brewster, Max Beesley. Comic, poignant, compassionate and colorful portrait of village life in the era of flares, power cuts and glam rock. Post-production.

Powersports Powerdocs

Booth: Stand B36


Web site: Attending: William Mc Abian; Tal Dean Mc Abian, exec VP; Adi Mc Abian, sales representative.


"Warren Miller Entertainment's Feature Films," Sports. Director, Warren Miller. Daring, definitive and memorable moments in skiing and snowboarding.

"Bar Life," Docu. An expose of bar culture.

"Velvet Lounge," Music. An audiovisual odyssey featuring sounds from music's hottest new genre.


Booth: Hall 8, Stand B30

Phone: 4303-3777


Attending: Conny Lemhag, COO; Jonathan Kramer, president; Annouchka Lesoeur, VP, intl. sales


"I Witness," Action. Director, Rowdy Herrington; cast, Jeff Daniels, James Spader, Portia de Rossi. A U.S. agent, a local detective and a scheming businessman investigate a deadly tunnel collapse in Tijuana. Completed.

The Clubhouse Detective Films, Family. Director, Eric Hendershot. Three new films. Completed.

"Dog Gone," Family. Director, Worth Keeter; cast, Jack Wagner, Daphne Zuniga, Zach Ward. A faithful police dog killed in the line of duty comes back to life as a petty criminal and teams up with his old partner to track down his killer. Post-production.



Booth: Stand C05


Attending: Michael Sellers, president; Pamela Vlastas, VP; Adam Welles, VP, intl. sales.


"Vlad," Thriller. Cast, Billy Zane, Francesco Quinn, Brad Dourif. Death stalks three American students visiting the home of the prince who inspired the legend of Dracula. Post-production.

"Threat of Exposure," Thriller. Cast, Sean Young, Will Schaub, William Devane. A troubled young man visits a beautiful hypnotherapist to find the truth about his missing brother, only to discover that the hypnotherapist may be a killer. Completed.

"Silence," Thriller Action. Cast, Vincert Spano, Bruce Boxleitner, Kristy Swanson. A little girl who witnessed a murder is protected by police and a child psychologist. Completed.



Booth: Pavilion 10; Office E04


Web site:

Attending: Roberto Di Russo, president & CEO; Andrea Portante, sales & marketing director; Sesto Cifola, head of cinema & fiction intl. sales.


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"Jail Break" (A Cavallo della Tigre), director, Carlo Mazzacurati; cast, Tuncel Kurtz, Paola Cortellesi, Roberto Citran. Everything goes wrong for a gambler when he tries to fake a kidnapping to pay off his debts.

"Rosa Funzeca," director, Aurelio Grimaldi; cast, Ida di Benedetto, Ennio Fantastichini, Primo Reggiani. A prostitute tries to change her life to get back her son's love.

"In Your Dreams" (Nemmeno in un Sogno), director, Gianluca Greco; cast, Ahmet Ugurlu, Giuseppe Battiston, Roberto di Francesco. When an Albanian ends up as an accidental tourist on the Italian coastline, his life is transformed.




Web site:

Attending: Ramoji Rao, chairman; Sridhar Sreekakula, worldwide sales & marketing; Chandra Pandula, acquisition & development.


"Sex and the Teenage Mind," Comedy. What happens inside the mind of a teenage boy. Completed.

"End of the Line," Action. In production.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 1, Stand B04


Web site:

Attending: Gene George, president, Regent Intl.; Meggan Kimberly, intl. sales consultant


"Tornado Warning," Action Disaster. Cast, Gerald McRaney, Thea Gill, Joan Van Ark. The inventor of twister-predicting system is humiliated by its failure. Completed.

"Hope .Ranch," Action adventure. Cast, Bruce Boxleitner, Lorenzo Lamas, Barry Corbin. Troubled youths learn about life while working on a cattle ranch. Completed.

"Cupid's Prey," Thriller. Cast, Jack Wagner, Joanna Pacula, Katrina Brown. A young woman attracted to her wealthy boyfriend's father learns that one of his previous mistresses was murdered. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Office A07-B08


Web site:

Attending: Angus Finney, managing director; Claire Taylor, sales exec; Georgina Jackson, marketing & publicity exec.


"The Mother," Drama. Producer, Kevin Loader; director, Roger Michell; cast, Anne Reid, Daniel Craig. Post-production.

"The Safety of Objects," Drama. Producers Dorothy Berwin, Christine Vachon; director, Rose Troche; cast, Glenn Close, Dermot Mulroney. Completed.

"The Reckoning," Thriller. Producer, Caroline Wood; director, Paul Mcguigan; cast, Willem Defoe, Paul Bettany, Brian Cox. A renegade priest sets a course that will expose a serial killer. Completed.


Booth: Stand B39


Web site:

Attending: George Lascu; Cynthia Kuipers; Silvio Sardi.


"Red Serpent," Action adventure. Producer, Oleg Kapanets, Cyndy Kuipers, George Lascu; director, Eugene Tanesescu; cast, Roy Scheider, Michael Pare, Oleg Taktarov. An American businessman is caught in the middle of a drug deal gone bad. Completed.

"Antikiller," Action adventure. Director, Egor Michailov Konchaiovsky. A cop seeking revenge for his partner's death is caught between violent street gangs and the Mafia. Completed.


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"Love 101," Comedy. Producer, David Miller; director, Adrian Fulle; cast, Michael Muhney, Mary Kay Cook. A womanizing college student is caught having a onenight stand with his best friend's girlfriend. Completed.

RGH/Lions Share

Booth: Stand B42

Phone: 9026-9831


Web site:

Attending: Billy Blake, Eric Louzil, co-CEOs; Gloria Morrison, distribution & acquisitions.


"Suicide Blonde," Action: Producers, Steven Frankel, Joshua Friedlander; director, Eduardo Carrillo; cast, Lynn Boris, Dale Paris, Tony Pacheco. The misadventures of a hapless valet and a dangerous blonde. Completed.

"Swimming Upstream," Drama. producers, Thomas Busch, Robert Emery; director, Robed Emery; cast, Matt Czuchry, Elisabeth Harnois. A young man explores the bounds of teen love while coping with an alcoholic father and a life-threatening disease. Completed.

"Venus on the Halfshell," Comedy. Producer, Roger Mende; director, Niels Nielsen; cast, Monica Serene Garnich, Jonathan Aube, Jennifer Gareis. A forest ranger rescues the hunk of her dreams and marries him before learning about his demonic ex-wife and needy children. Completed.

Road Sales

Booth: Hall 8, Stand B30

Phone: 4303-3777

Attending: Conny Lernhag, COO; Jonathan Kramer, president; Annouchka Lesoeur, VP, intl. sales.


"Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet & the Cello," Directors, Victor Erice, Werner Herzog, Jim Jarmusch. Three distinguished directors make short films about time. Completed.

"The Blues," Docu. Drama. Directors, Charles Burnett, Clint Eastwood, Mike Figgis. A series of short films about personal connections with music. In production.

"Malunde," Drama. Producers, Jurgen Biefang, Dieter Horrers; director, Stefanie Sycholt; cast, lan Roberts, Kagiso Mtetwa. A black street kid and a white soldier strike up an unlikely friendship in South Africa during apartheid. Completed.


In Milan: Regency Hotel

Attending: Melloney Roffe; Anne Billard.


"Plato's Breaking Point," director, Nigel Barker; cast, Jose Neves Ferreira, William Halliday, Delphine Lanson. Police pressure pushes a small-time criminal to the point of no return. Screening.

"Asylum," director, Nigel Barker; cast, Nabil Elouahabi, Fuman Dar, Tony Dar. A protects Kurdish refugees seeking asylum in England. Screening.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Office B24


Web site:

Attending: Marie-Anne Pujol, sales manager.


"House of Fools," Comedy/drama. Director, Andrei Konchalovsky; cast, Julia Visorsky, Bryan Adams. The patients of an asylum are left to their own devices when war reaches the border between Russia and Chechnya. Screening.

"Grazia's Island," Comedy/drama. Director, Emanuele Crialese; cast, Valeria Golino, Vincenzo Amato. Picturesque chronicle of a traditional Sicilian island fishing family. Screening.

"A Red Bear," Sentimental thriller; cast, Julio Chavez, Soledad Villamil, Luis Machin. An unpredictable and violent criminal leaves prison determined to start and reunite his family. Screening.


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Screen Media

Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B20

Web site:

Attending: Joseph Kovacs, president; Steve Nurkin, exec VP; Almira Malyshev, VP, intl. sales.


"Things Behind the Sun," Drama. Director, Allison Anders; cast, Rosanna Arquette, Don Cheadle, Kim Dickens. Anders' semiautobiographical story being violated as a teenager.

"Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," Comedy. Director, Jay Roach; cast, Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley. A hip 1960s British secret agent is revived from a cryogenic deep freeze to oppose his arch enemy, Dr. Evil.

"Drop Dead Gorgeous," Comedy. Director, Michael Patrick Jann; cast, Kirstie Alley, Ellen Barkin, Denise Richards. A small town is obsessed with the nation's oldest beauty contest.


Booth: Pavilion C8, Stand B54

Attending: Hanno Huth, CEO; Joe Drake, president; Brian Goldsmith, CFO & exec VP of operations.


"Boogeyman," Horror. Producers, Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert. A young man is traumatized by memories of terrible events he experienced in his childhood bedroom. Pre-production.

"Nothing," Comedy. Producer, Steven Hoban; director, Vincenzo Natali; cast, David Hewlett, Andrew Miller. Two young men find everything starts to disappear eventually leaving them with nothing but each other. Post-production.

"The Virgin of Liverpool," Comedy. Producers, Andrew Boswell, Vadim Jean; director, Lee Donaldson; cast, Ricky Tomlinson, Johnny Vegas, Imelda Staunton. A precocious 12-year-old girl brings home a Madonna effigy to save it from demolition. Post-production.

Seven Arts Signature

Booth: Old Pavilion, Stand B18


Attending: Peter Hoffman, chairman; David Lamping, president; Stephanie Poole, contract administration.


"Poolhall Prophets," Drama. Producer, Maxime Remillard; director, Keoni Waxman; cast, Freddie Prinze Jr., Vinnie Jones, Estella Warren. Jericho Hudson finds himself in a dangerous hustle when he's played as a pawn in a contest of wits between two old nemeses. Pre-production.

"Shadowboxer," Drama. Producers, Susan Hoffman, Barbet Schroeder; director, Schroeder. When a seasoned hit woman shifts gears in the middle of an assassination, her younger lover must make a sacrifice to save them all. Pre-production.

"The Swedish Job," Comedy. Producer, Janet Yang; director, James Merendino; cast, Harvey Keitel, Freddie Prinze Jr. A pair of hit men who are lovers are sent to Stockholm to seek revenge for their boss. Pre-production.

Seventh Art



Web site:

Attending: Udy Epstein, president.


"Afghan Stories," Docu. Producer, Walied Osman; director, Taran Davies. The effects of war on Afghans and the challenges they face in building a permanent peace. Completed.

"Revolution OS," Docu. Producer-director, JTS Moorer. Rebellious hackers create Linux and the Open Source movement. Completed.

"Almost Elvis," Docu. Producer-director, John Paget. Elvis impersonators make a pilgrimage to Memphis. Completed.


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Booth: Stand C3 332


Web site:

Attending: Takeo Hisamatsu, director; Masaki Koga, manager sales; Shinobu Suzuki, manager acquisitions


"The Twilight Samurai," Drama. Producers, Shigehiro Nakagawa, Hiroshi Fukazawa, Ichiro Yamamoto; director, Yoji Yamada; cast, Hiroyuki Sanada, Rie Miyazawa. A low-ranking samurai must take orders from his lord to kill a retainer. Completed.

"When the Last Sword Is Drawn," Drama. Producer, Hideshi Miyajima; director, Yojiro Takita; cast, Kiichi Nakai, Koichi Sato, Miki Nakatani. Post-production.

"Moon Child," Drama. Producer, Takashi Hirano; director, Takahisa Zeze; cast, Hyde, Gacki, Lee-Horn Wang. Friends struggle with trust, love and betrayal not knowing one of them has hidden powers. Post-production.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B04


Web site:

Attending: Vicky Pike, Morris Ruskin, co-principals; Shani Tuch, director, intl. relations.


"Judge Dredd: Possession," Action. When Death's evil spirit possesses Judge Cassandra, Dredd is faced with the dilemma of terminating his companion.

"Judge Dredd: Dredd Reckoning," Action. After a lifetime on the streets, Judge Dredd has lost faith in the system that created him.

"Beeper," Action Thriller. Director, Jack Sholder; cast, Harvey Keitel, Joey Lauren Adams, Ed Quinn. A doctor's son is kidnapped and his beeper is the only form of contact with the kidnapper. Completed.


Booth: Hall 8, Stand C02

Web site:

Attending: David Jackson, president; Shauna Shapiro Jackson, exec VP; Bruce Livingston, CFC.


"Table One," producers, Martin Bregman, Bo Dietl; director, Michael Scott Bregman; cast, Steven Baldwin, Michael Rocker. Four guys pushing 40, who have careers and money but no women, decide to open the next New York hot spot. Post-production.

"Deranged," Thriller. Producer, Ray Stroeber; director, Jon Scheide; cast, Jo Beth Williams, Sally Kirkland, Bobby Costanzo. When people begin to get hurt in unusual ways, an eccentric psychiatrist uses her manipulative skills to turn the tables. Screening.

"Mind Games," Thriller. Producer, Adrian Carr; directors, David Lasdon, Monica Cooper; cast, James Wilder, Geoffrey Lewis, Karl Keegan. A woman with amnesia finds that behind every truth is a lie. Screening.


Booth: Hall 26-1, Office BO7

Phone: 4303-3314


Attending: Jacques Roldan, director of distribution; Simon de Santiago, deputy director of distribution; Sophie de Mac Mahon, sales exec.


"Mondays in the Sun" (Los Lunes al Sol), Drama. Director, Fernando Leon de Aranoa, cast, Javier Bardem, Luis Tosar, Jose Angel Egido. A group of unemployed Spanish men struggles to find their place in the world. Screening.

"Carol's Journey" (El Viaje de Carol), Period drama. Producers, Andres Santana, Fernando Bovaira; cast, Clara Lago, Juan Jose ,Ballesta, Maria Barranco. An American 12-year-old girl travels to Spain for the first time. Screening.


Continued from page 40

"Box 507' (La Caja 507), Thriller. Director, Enrique Urbizu; cast, Antonio Resines, Jose Coronado, Goya Toledo. A bank manager discovers his daughter's death was not an accident. Screening.


Booth: Hall 8, Stand B28

Attending: David Glasser, CEO; Andreas Klein, president-COO; Lisa Wilson, president distribution


"Without Apparent Motive," Thriller. Director, Bille August; cast, Richard Gere. A sheriff's detective must find the murderer of three high-profile Los Angeles businessmen. Pre-production.

"The Courier," Director, Dominic Sena. An underworld courier is contracted to deliver a package to a notorious crime boss. Pre-production.

"U-Boat," Director, Tony Giglio; cast, William Macy. The crew of a sunken American submarine is taken onboard a German U-Boat as hostages. In production.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 1, Stand B16


Attending: Gordon Steel, president; John Baca, director, acquisitions; Tyler Erskine.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand B16

Phone: 4303-3200


Attending: H. Michael Heuser, president & CEO; Asadeh Khanedani, exec assistant.


"Outlanders," Thriller. Producers, Michael Riley, Angus Lamont; director, Dominic Lees; cast, Bruno Ganz, Douglas Henshall, James McAvoy. A series of murders is being committed in Berlin amid the migrant worker community. Pre-production.

"Preacher," Action. Producer, Rupert Harvey; director, Rachel Talalay. A small-town minister with a troubled past finds himself with a power equal to God's and faces demons, angels, rednecks and the Saint of Killers. Pre-production.

"Johnny Hit and Run Pauline," Drama. Producer, Kevin Segalla; director, Fay Efrosini Lellios; cast, Phyllida Law, Miranda Richardson, Joanna Going. An abused young woman tries to start a new life. Pre-production.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Office E.13

Phone: 4303-4265


Attending: Pierre Weisbein, Christine Ghazarian, John Kochman, sales.


"Cherish," Musical thriller. Producers, Johnny Wow, Mark Burton; director, Finn Taylor; cast, Robin Tunney, Tim Blake Nelson, Jason Priestly. Before she goes on trial for murder, a young woman has only a few hours to find the real culprit of the crime. Screening.

"Corto Maltese," Animated adventure. Producer, Robed Rea; director, Pascal Morelli. Distinguised and dashing, Hugo Pratt's beloved comic-book character is a hero for all times. Screening.

"Ginostra," Mafia thriller. Producer, Jean-Francois Fonlupt; director, Manuel Pradal; cast, Harvey Keitel, Andie MacDowell, Harry Dean Stanton. FBI agent Matt Benson investigates a Mafia massacre in Sicily and forms a relationship with the 11-year-old sole survivor of the brutal murder. Screening.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 2, Stand DO3

Phone: 4303-3292, fax 4303-3304


Attending: Patrick Wachsberger, president-CEO; Bob Hayward, CO0; David Garrett, exec VP.


Continued from page 41


"Around the World in 80 Days," Action adventure. Producer, Ed Saxon; director, Frank Coraci; cast, Jackie Chart. An extravagant adventure based on the Jules Verne classic. Pre-production.

"Blackout," Thriller. Producers, Arnold Kopelson, Anne Kopelson, Barry Baeres; director, Philip Kaufman; cast, Ashley Judd, Andy Garcia, Samuel L. Jackson. A San Francisco homicide detective's dark personal life comes back to haunt her as she investigates a string of grisly murders. In production.

"Treasure Island," Producer, John Baldecchi; director, Steve Miner; cast, Jeffrey Wright, Tyler Hoechlin. Young Jim Hawkins sets sail for the Caribbean in search of Captain Kidd's buried treasure; in development.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall III, Office E12

Phone: 4303-3726


Web site:

Attending: Massimo Vigliar, president; Stefania Carnevale, foreign sales manager; Agnes Trincal, foreign sales exec.


"The End of a Mystery," Drama. Director, Miguel Hermoso; cast, Nino Manfredi, Alfredo Landa, Kity Manver. A man is shot in 1936 and lives the rest of his life in a mentally disturbed state. Post-production.

"Nowhere," Drama. Director, Luis Sepulveda; cast, Harvey Keitel, Angela Molina, Jorge Perugorria. A Latin American dictatorship holds its opponents captive in an abandoned railway station in the desert. Completed.

"A Night With Sabrina Love," Drama. Director, Alejandro Agresti; cast, Cecilia Roth, Giancarlo Giannini, Tomas Fonzi. A 17-year-old boy wins a night of love with a porn star. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office B23


Web site:

Attending: Rasmus Ramstad, president & CEO; Ann-Kristin Westerberg, snr. VP, head of intl. division; Kajsa Hedstrom, VP, intl. distribution.


"Black & White," Drama. Producers, Helen Leake, Nik Powell; director, Craig Lahiff; cast, Robert Carlyle, Kerry Fox, Charles Dance. Based on a real-life trial in Australia, the film is a compelling drama of how two young lawyers embark on a battle for justice with far-reaching consequences. Screening.

"Bit by Bit," Comedy. Producer, Anna Eriksson; directors, Jonathan Metzger, Pontus Klange; cast, Sunil Munshi, Kjell Bergkvist, Jan Malmsjo. A videogame addict must choose between celebrating Seder with his family or playing in a world championship. Screening.

"Karlsson on the Root," Animation. Producers, Waldemar Bergendahl, John Jacobsen; director, Vibeke Idsoe. A 7-year-old's loneliness comes to an end. Screening.



Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Stand C36

Phone: 9432-5637


Web site:

Attending: Esther Koo, distribution manager; Caroline Chang, distribution officer.


"Fulltime Killer," Action. Producers, Johnnie to, Wai Ka Fai, Andy Lau; director, Johnnie To, Wai Ka Fai; cast, Andy Lau, Takashi Sorimachi, Kelly Lin. The story of two killers with different ideals. Completed.


Continued from page 42

"The Runaway Pistol," Producer, Andrew Lau; director, Lam Wah Chuen; cast, Wilson Yip, Wong Chun Chun. Completed.

"Ge Ge," Drama. Producer-director, Yan Yan, Mak; cast, Stanley Tam, Jin Cai-xia, Cai-tao. A man searches China for his lost older brother. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10/2, Office B22


Web site:

Attending: Dr. Thomas Weymar, CEO; Marc Gabizon, Dr. Cathy Rohnke, deputy managing directors.


"Anansi," Drama. Producers, Alena & Robert Rimbach; director, Fritz Baumann; cast, George Quayle, Jimmy Akingbola, Naomie Harris. A group of West Africans journeys to Germany. Completed.

"Naked" (Nacht), Comedy. Director, Doris Dorrie; cast, Heike Makatsch, Benno Fuhrmann, Alexandra Maria Lara. For three couples, a party game turns out to be a nasty surprise. Completed.

"Oysters at Nam Kee's," Drama. Producers, Hans de Weers, Hans de Wolf; director, Pollo de Pimental; cast, Egbert-Jan Weeber, Katja Schuurman. A teenage gymnast splits his time between a young femme fatale and a gang. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Office 001


Attending: Patrick Binet; Nicolas Eschbach, snr. VP, intl. sales; Sarah Chabot, intl. sales manager.


"800 Bullets," Comedy. Director, Alex de la Iglesia; cast, Carmen Maura, Sancho Gracia, Terele Pavez. Screening.

"Wish I Was Rich!" (Ah, Si J'Etais Riche), Comedy. Producer, Charles Gassot; director, Michel Munz, Gerard Bitton, cast, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi. A man in the middle of a divorce wins the lottery and adopts a double life to protect his newfound riches. Screening.

"24 Hours in the Life of a Woman," Drama. Producers, Etienne Comar, Jean Cottin; director, Laurent Bouhnik; cast, Agnes Jaoui, Michel Serrault, Berenice Bejo. The destinies of three characters are forever changed by 24 hours of passion between a young English duchess and a Polish military officer in 1913. Screening.


In Milan: Hotel Berlino


Attending: Joey Thompson, president; Jen Starr, sales; Chaya Finton, marketing.


"The Moon & Sixpence," Drama. Cast, George Sanders, Herbert Marshall. The life of Gaugin by Somerset Maugham. Completed.

"The Fighting Sullivans," Drama. Cast, Thomas Mitchell, Anne Baxter. Five brothers die together in WW II. Completed.

"It Takes a Thief," Drama. Cast, Jayne Mansfield. Splashy gangster melodrama. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Stand F08

Phone: 4303-3832.


Web site:

Attending: Shingo Saito, director intl. sales & purchasing; Toshiyuki Hasegawa, intl. sales & purchasing.


"lnochi," Drama. Producers, Hidenori lyoda, Junichi Shindo; director, Tetsuo Shinohara; cast, Makiki Esumi, Etushi Toyokawa, Kumiki Aso. A young woman pregnant with a married man's child visits her former boyfriend.

"Deadly Outlaw: Rekka," Action. Producer, Mitsura Kurosawa; director, Takashi Miike; cast, Riki Takeuchi, Shinichi Chiba, Tetsuro Tanba. An imprisoned mobster mob receives crushing news of an assassination.


Continued from page 43

"Go," Drama. Producers, Kazuhito Amano, Tatsuya Kunimatsu, Hiroshi Deme; director, Isao Yukisada; cast, Yosuke Kubozuka, Kou Shibasaki, Tsutomu Yamazaki. A Japanese-born Korean boy decides whether to reveal his ethnicity to the Japanese girl he loves.


Booth: Stand A04


Attending: Yoram Pelman, president.


"Till Human Voices Wake Us," Romantic. Director, Michael Petroni; cast, Guy Pearce, Helena Bonham Carter. A mysterious woman helps a man come to terms with the accidental loss of his childhood love. Completed.

"American Girl," Dark Comedy. Director, Jordan Brady; cast, Jena Malone, Brad Renfro, Alicia Witt. A teenager and her family visit her inmate father at the prison's annual picnic.

"The Cockettes," A troupe of drag queens in late-1960s San Francisco become a pop culture phenomenon.


Booth: Hall C, Stand E10

Phone: 4303-3867


Attending: Laurie Woodrow, president; Dan Griffiths, senior VP; Michael Werner, chairman.


Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 2, Stand D01.


Web site:

Attending: Lloyd Kaufman, president; Aviva Wishnow, director, intl. sales.


"All the Love You Cannes: An Indie's Guide to the Cannes Film Festival," Docu. Producers, Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz; director, Kaufman. A behind-the-scenes look at the Cannes Film Festival. Completed.

"Apocalypse Soon," Docu. Producers, Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz; director, Kaufman. Behind the scenes on Troma's biggest production: "Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV." Completed.

"Superstarlet Ad," Sci-fi. Producer-director, John Michael McCarthy; cast, Kerine Elkins, Gina Velour, Michelle Carr. Women warriors fight off cavemen and each other as they search for love, lipstick, 1950s burlesque films and designer dresses. Completed.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Office B12


Web site:

Attending: Annakarin Strom, CEO; Tine Klint, sales coordinator; Peter Aalbaek Jensen, sales assistant.


"Open Hearts," Drama. Producer, Vibeke Windelov; director, Susanne Bier; cast, Mads Mikkelsen, Alastair Mackenzie, Oksana Akinsjina. The promises we cannot keep and the life we cannot plan. Completed.

"The Last Great Wilderness," Drama. Producer, Gillian Berrie; director, David Mackenzie; cast, Sonja Richter, Jonny Phillips, Artiom Bogutjarskij. Two lost souls journey to their own private wilderness. Completed.

"Lilya 4-Ever," Drama. Producer, Lars Jonsson; director, Lukas Moodysson; cast, Nikolai Lie Kaas, Victoria Smurfit, Elina Benenson. Andrei asks 16-year-old Lilya to leave the Soviet Union for Sweden to start a new life. Completed.



Booth: Pavilion 26, Hall 1, Office A02

Web site:

Attending: Alexandre Drubigny, general manager; Eva Diederix, sales manager; Christophe Pecot, sales assistant.


"Embrassez qui vous voudrez," Comedy. Director, Michel Blanc; cast, Charlotte Rampling, Jacques Dutronc, Carole Bouquet. Vacationers in the same hotel crisscross into a comedy of errors. Screening.


Continued from page 44

"Ruby & Quentin," Action comedy. Director, Francis Veber; cast, Gerard Depardieu, Jean Reno. Two convicts escape from prison to seek revenge and a huge sum of hidden money. Shooting.

"Strange Gardens" (Effroyables Jardins), Drama. Director, Jean Becker; cast, Jacques Villeret, Andre Dussollier, Benoit Magimel. Four men trapped at the bottom of a muddy pit discover that true humanity transcends all. Post-production.

Unified Film

Booth: Pavilion 8, Hall 1, Stand A01

Phone: 4303-3937


Attending: Jeffery Beach, president; Phil Roth, CEO.


"Hellfire," Action adventure. When the world's largest oil reserve catches fire, a crew must battle the flames and cap the wells. In production.

"Phantom Force," Action adventure. An underwater submarine station is destroyed by ghostly attackers. In production.

"Biohazard," Action adventure. A biological virus turns researchers into crazed zombies and releases mutated and hungry lab animals. In production.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall II, Office B24


Web site:

Attending: Patrick Lamassoure, deputy director, marketing department manager.


Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 2, Stand C21

Phone: 4303-3216


Web site:

Attending: Daneil Lam, managing director, Alvin Lam, COO; Koris Ha, distribution manager.


"May & August," Drama; Producer, Amy Tsui; director, Raymond To; cast, Cecilia Yip, Lin Quan. Chinese children lose their parents to war in the 1930s, but not their hope. Screening.

"My Wife Is 18," Comedy. Producers, Chan Hing Kar, Jimmy Law; director, Yuen Sai Sang James; cast, Ekin Cheng, Charlene Choi. A relationship between a schoolgirl and a teacher circles around a one-year marriage contract. Completed.

"Possessed," Horror. Producer, Bee Chan; director, Billy Chung; cast, Cheung Chi-Lam, Maju Ozawa, Sam Lee. The hosts of a TV horror show find no way out from a real evil power. Completed.



Booth: Hall 10/2, Office 16

Phone: 4303-3347


Web site:

Attending: Marie Vine, CEO; Barry Gill, managing director; Sarah Goodwin, sales & marketing exec.


"Jericho Mansions," Thriller. Producers, Jason Piette, Michael L. Cowan, Jean-Marc Felio, Michel Mosca, Jonathan Vanger, Pierre Rene, Suzanne Lyons; director, Alberto Sciamma; cast, James Caan, Jennifer Tilly, Maribel Verdu. When someone is found dead inside a garbage chute in a small apartment block, the residents become suspects. In production.

"Plots With a View," Romantic comedy. Producers, Suzanne Lyons, Kate Robbins, Jason Piette, Michael Cowan; director, Nick Hurran; cast, Brenda Blethyn, Alfred Molina, Christopher Walken. Two funeral homes compete in the English countryside. Screening.

"Love the Hard Way," Drama. Producer, Wolfram Tichy; director, Peter Sehr; cast, Adrien Brody, Charlotte Ayanna, Jon Seda. A brilliant student falls in love with a small-time criminal. Screening.


Continued from page 45


Booth: Pavilion 8, Stand C05


Attending: Lise Romanoff, managing director, worldwide sales; Andre Relis, director, intl. sales.


"Spanish Judges," Thriller. Cast, Matthew Lillard, Vincent D'Onofrio, Valeria Golina. A con man talks his way into a scam involving stolen antique guns. Completed.

"The Erotic Film Collection of Jag Mundhra," Thriller. Producers, Jag Mundhra, Victor Bhalla; director, Mundhra.

"Crime & Punishment," Drama. Producers, Evgeny Afineevsky, Menahem Golan; director, Golan; cast, Crispin Glover, John Hurt, Vanessa Redgrave. A struggling law student confesses a gruesome crime in an attempt to free his tormented soul.


Booth: Stand Al0 & B13


Web site:

Attending: Dean Shapiro, Nicolas Chartier, sales execs; Jennifer Cusentino, marketing manager.


"Broken," Thriller. Producers, Lene Bausager, Paul Brooks; director, Sean Ellis. Imagine you have a double who wants to hurt you, and only a thin invisible barrier keeps you apart. In development.

"Leo," Drama. Producers, Nik Powell, Erica August, Jonathan Karlsen; director, Mehdi Norowzian; cast, Joseph Fiennes, Elisabeth Shue, Sam Shepard. The mystical correspondence between a wounded boy and an imprisoned man blossoms into salvation. Completed.

"Sonny," Drama. Producer, Paul Brooks; director, Nicolas Cage; cast, James Franco, Brenda Blethyn, Mena Suvari. A handsome soldier returns home to find himself trapped in the underworld by his desperate mother. Completed.


Weg India

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Stand E22

Phone: 4630-9890


Attending: Ranchor Jumani, Kavi Jumani, Avinaash Jumani, intl. sales.


"Gunaah," Drama. Producer, Mukesh Bhatt; director, Amol Shetge; cast, Bipasha Basu, Dino Morea, Irfan Khan. A female police officer falls in love with a murder suspect. Completed.

"The Naked Truth," Drama. Producer, Paresh Shah; director, B. Prasad; cast, Kanchan, Sohail, Shakti Kapoor. Love and passion lead to deception. Completed.

"Devi," Animated. Producer, M.S. Raju; director, Kodi Ramakrishna; cast, Prema, Sijju, Vanita. A goddess snake protects the weak and the innocent from an evil snake. Completed.

Wild Bunch

Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Office G17

Phone: 4303-3549


Web site:

Attending: Vincent Maraval; Carole Baraton; Gael Nouailles.


Booth: Pavilion 8, Office A33

Phone: 4303-3768


Web site:

Attending: Gary Smith, CEO; Hadeel Reda, CEO, L.A. office; Billy Hurman, snr VPs of sales & marketing.


"Harv the Barbarian," Comedy. Producers, Carmen Finestra, Melissa Goddard, Hadeel Reda; director, David Zucker. A simple-minded barbarian goes on an epic journey of self-discovery. Pre-production.

"Scorched," Comedy. Producers, Al Corly, Bart Rosenblatt; director, Gavin Grazer; cast, Woody Harrelson; Alicia Silverstone, Rachael Leigh Cook. Three disgruntled bank employees each decide to rob the bank on the same weekend. Completed.


Continued from page 46

"Poor Things," Drama. Producer, lain Brown; director, Sandy Johnson; cast, Robert Carlyle, Jim Broadbent, Helena Bonham Carter. When a woman commits suicide, she is restored to life by a brilliant doctor. Pre-production.


Booth: Hall II, Office B19 & C10

Attending: Aline Perry, CEO; Joy Wong, head of intl. sales; Clare Crean, snr. sales exec.


"The Intended," producers, Patricia Kruijer, Malene Blenkov; director, Kristian Levring; cast, Janet McTeer, Olympia Dukakis, J.J. Field. A couple's arrival at a trading station deep in a remote jungle sets off a shocking chain of events. Screening.

"Pure," producer, Howard Burch; director, Gillies Mackinnon; cast, Molly Parker, David Wenham, Harry Eden. A 10-year-old becomes the caretaker of his family tries to save his mother from self-destruction. Screening.

"Whale Rider," producers, Tim Sanders, John Barrett, Frank Hubner; director, Niki Caro; cast, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Cliff Curtis, Rawiri Paratene. In a Maori community, a young girl fights to fulfil her destiny. Screening.



Booth: Pavilion 10, Hall 3, Stand D02


Web site:

Attending: Tanya York, CEO; Gregg Ratinoff, director of intl. sales.


"Scarecrow," Horror. Producers, Tayna York, Emmanuel Itier, David Rimawi; director, Itier; cast, Tiffany Shepis, Richard Elfnan, Jen Richey. A murdered teenager comes back to life as a scarecrow to seek revenge. Post-production.

"Ankle Biters," Action adventure. Producers, Adam Minarovich, Jim Holcomb; director, Minarovich; cast, Adam Minarovich, Michael Moore, Timothy Faye. Vampire bounty hunter goes after midget vampires who are terrorizing the countryside. Completed.

"Out Kold," Action adventure. Producers, Tayna York, Doug Schwab, Larry Rattner; director, Detdrich McClure; cast, Ice-T, Tiny Lister Jr., Kool Mo Dee. An accidental death lands an innocent boxer in a real-life ring of gangsters. Completed.

Product listings compiled by Carol Swanson in Lincoln, Neb., and Lee Simkins in London.

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