Gunter and Glass join forces.(Gunter Schlierkanmp; Charles Glass)(Brief Article)

Author/s: Jim Rosenthal
Issue: May, 2002

CHARLES GLASS, the venerable trainer based at Gold's Gym in Venice, has thrown caution to the wind and taken on the project of working with GUNTER "The Gentle Giant" SCHLIERKAMP in preparation for the British and Dutch Grand Prix shows that follow the 2002 Mr. Olympia. These two warhorses started training together on March 1 and will continue to collaborate until the rubber meets the road in Manchester on October 27.

Glass on Gunter: "He has the size to make a huge impact against anyone in bodybuilding--and that includes RONNIE COLEMAN and JAY CUTLER. My plan is to get him to train certain bodyparts--chest, for instance--harder and heavier, and I'm encouraging him to get bigger in the offseason so that he can compete at 300 pounds."

Gunter on Glass: "I'm very excited to have the opportunity to work with Charles because he is known for getting the most out of the genetic potential of all his athletes. You can count on seeing a bigger and better version of my physique this fall, and I will do major damage against all the top guys in our sport."

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