Baggage handlers go on crime spree at CDG.(Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris)(Brief Article)

Issue: March 27, 2000


There is a major problem with thefts from passengers' baggage at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in France, claims a new report.

Juvenile offenders who were employed under a job creation scheme as baggage handlers are routinely checking passengers' bags for items to steal, it has been claimed. The Sunday Telegraph of London reports that airport officials are trying to play down the affair although many airlines have reported 'major problems' affecting their passengers.

Air France flies around 72,000 passengers in-and-out of the airport each day and on average 1,300 passengers file complaints - the majority of them relating to missing or stolen luggage. Air France has sought to weed out many of the troublemakers but staff unions are against the idea.

Aeroports de Paris, the operators of the airport, say that robberies happen at airports all over the world and that passengers should not put items of value in their suitcases: forgetting that airlines reduce the amount of carry-on baggage capacity for travellers which forces them to entrust their valuables to the hold - and to leave their belongings open to possible theft.

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