`Prohibition Didn't Work and An End to Gambling is Not on the Horizon' - Mickey Charles' Keynote Speech at the World Telemedia Conference In Amsterdam.

Issue: May 17, 2002

HATBORO, Pa. -- Mickey Charles, CEO and President of The Sports Network, recently gave the keynote address at the World Telemedia Conference, sponsored by NOC (Network for Online Commerce), in Amsterdam and his comments underscored the advent of the cellular phone as the next communicative wave of the future focusing, in this instance, on the wireless applications tied to gambling and gaming.

Mr. Charles told a standing room only audience "The world always will have people that do not recognize the interests and pleasures of the public and look at them in rather myopic fashion while stylizing themselves as saviors of the errant and wayward. The lack of a common sense approach to reality never ceases to amaze. Gambling and involvement in games for fun, sheer pleasure or the potential of earning some money predicated upon the correct forecast of the outcome of a particular sporting event or game has been with us for centuries and is an ingrained facet of our society...and world. With so many other problems besetting the planet and, in many cases, causing death and wanton destruction, it is astounding to me that the focus of politicians and regulators that fancy themselves the conscience of the rest of us should not see the truth or express a measure of priorities.

"The fact of the matter," he continued, "is that proclaimed abuses of gambling, involvement by those under the legal age of participation, tales of money laundering and exaggerated mentions of addictive gambling habits are intended to be support issues. The truth is that they are mere fabrications intended to frighten.

"Prohibition was instituted as a law of the land and people drank, probably more than ever. It was akin to a book being banned in Boston and then being a certainty for the NY Times best seller list. Smoking is addictive and kills people. Automobiles are a marvel of the ages and bring death with them. Gambling," he added, "is not nearly as dangerous and it is here to stay. To proclaim otherwise is tugging on Superman's cape, spitting in the wind or pulling the mask off the old Lone Ranger. It is better to work with it than against it. Are lotteries," he asked in conclusion, "a different and acceptable form of gambling despite all the social security checks and life savings that are used to buy tickets monthly, weekly, daily?"

The World Telemedia 2002 Conference, sponsored by NOC, the Network for Online Commerce, is the largest telemedia gathering of its kind in Europe and attracts operators, high tech firms, phone companies, software organizations, content providers, marketing groups and a host of others who are involved with the exponential growth of the wireless community and the services attendant to same.

"The potential that is available to the industry," added Martin Stone, News Editor for NOC, "is growing on a near daily basis. We considered ourselves fortunate to have someone of the caliber, expertise and international reputation of Mickey Charles, address our attendees. He obviously has his hand on the pulse of the market and fully understands the promises and prospects that are on the horizon for those within this industry, as well as the likely hurdles and pitfalls that are part and parcel of any growth process. He indicated, in his address, that the phone is the true communicative `weapon' of the future and neither we, the organizers of this conference, nor the attendees could agree more."

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