Real Estate Weekly, Dec 19, 2001

Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey (CPNJ) honored Charles Kushner, chairman of Florham Park-based Kushner Companies, at its annual "Steps to Independence" dinner this fall. More than 400 guests, including former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and New Jersey Governor-Elect Jim McGreevey attended the event, which took place at the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, New Jersey.

Netanyahu and McGreevey spoke in support of CPNJ's cause. "After Sept. 11, we have a greater obligation to our communities than ever before," McGreevey said. "Charles Kushner is making a powerful difference in his community and communities across New Jersey. He is a shining example of the difference our businesses can make throughout the state."

Netanyahu noted: "In addition to a war against terrorism, we have engaged in a battle of values. The terrorists have no regard for human life. As Americans, we believe it is most important to protect every life, for every life has a soul, and every person has potential, as exemplified by the CPNJ organization."

"The event proved to be a tremendous success, introducing many people to CPNJ, as well as our Horizon School and numerous other programs," noted Alan Mucatel, executive director of CPNJ. "The dinner also was CPNJ's most successful fundraising event ever, generating $400,000." The money will support a wide array of CPNJ programs such as the Horizon School, Community Therapy Services and the Early Intervention Program.

The mission of CPNJ is to enable people with physical disabilities and other special needs to achieve their highest potential to lead fuller, more independent and active lives. The organization was founded in 1953 by proactive parents of children with cerebral palsy seeking the best life possible for their loved ones. Today, CPNJ has grown from a small, local agency to a regional multi-service provider with 300 employees and eight sites serving more than 1,000 infants, children, adults and their families in Essex, Union, Hudson, Passaic, Bergen and Morris counties.

"Angels exist all around us. They test us to give our life new meaning. They help us to realize the true worth in our lives and in the world around us," noted Charles Kushner. "The children of the Horizon School are the new angels in my life."

Kushner is a long-time friend of CPNJ and one of the major supporters of the organization's capital campaign for its Horizon School for multiply disabled children. An avid philanthropist, he is active in many different civic and industry organizations.

"CPNJ offers its deepest gratitude to Charles Kushner and the business leaders who have demonstrated their commitment to helping others and for their support of CPNJ. Their generosity reinforces the spirit of our programs for which we are truly grateful," Mucatel said.

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