PR Newswire, March 8, 2002

PHILADELPHIA -- Mickey Charles, President and CEO of The Sports Network, addressed a Marcus Evans organized conference in London March 4th & 5th, Deploying Advanced Mobile Entertainment Services, and also chaired the gathering. The widely recognized expert on the Internet, content and wireless applications told the attendees from as far away as Asia that the future of the cellular phone as a communications instrument would eclipse the impact of the Internet in recent years.

While the full context of his remarks are not available at this time, the thrust of his presentation was that there is more than ample opportunity within the industry of wireless communications and its allied fields for all who wish to venture forth and take their share of the openings available. "The Internet created an entirely new world of communications for us," he stated, "and it was, for all intents and purposes, the precursor of what we are about to see with cellular and wireless applications. The phone, our major interactive communications vehicle for decades, will now perform tasks that transcend the Internet and computer, the laptop and palm pilot, and provide us with instant access to one another, purchases, financial transactions, worldwide conferencing on the go, games, gambling and sheer enjoyment of every type and variety.

"The youth of today," he continued, "will be able to choose from any one of a number of ring tones that highlight their favorite entertainment artists, purchase records on the fly and communicate with one another as they never have before. Businessmen can conclude deals in an instant regardless of where they are located and conference in others necessary to the transaction from the four corners of the globe. Games are available for sheer enjoyment or for prizes. The latest sports and financial results and updates will be accessible on a 24/7 basis. This is the time," Mr. Charles concluded, "for the innovators, designers, creative minds, publishers, equipment manufacturers, carriers and operators to look down the road to the future and occupy their respective niche in the telecommunications advances that await. There is no need to jockey to be first. The focus must be on entry at some level with a view towards tomorrow and the advances and advantages that can be sourced by establishing a foothold in the world of cellular and wireless."

Maureen McGillian Galeone, press secretary for The Sports Network, indicated that Mickey Charles is one of the most, if not the most, sought after speakers in the industry today and is often called upon for his vision and views on technology, Internet, content, gaming, gambling, wireless and cellular. "He is asked regularly to either present, chair, moderate or be a panel member at conferences that will take him this year, for example, to London, Bangkok, Macau, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Miami, Singapore and still more. The nice and appealing thing about him," indicated Ms. Galeone, "is that he focuses on the need for the moment, at the conference and what the attendees are seeking. He does not do repetitive presentations and keys to the important issues of the week, day or moment. As a matter of fact," she went on, "we are already being contacted to secure dates for 2003. He has been, over recent years, the best-received presenter at these conferences by those in attendance. We have found that attributable to his candor, vision and forthright perspective of the industry status."

Charles Bronson

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