House of Wax

Excellent horror film of a brilliant but demented sculptor who steals dead bodies from a morgue and fashions them into life-like wax figures. Professor Henry Jarrod (Vincent Price) and his partner Matthew Burke (Roy Roberts) have a falling out about the future of their wax museum, a fight ensues and Jarrod is knocked out and left for dead by Burke, who torches the museum for the insurance money. Jarrod, horribly disfigured in the fire, later kills Burke and re-establishes a new, improved wax museum with incredibly exact replicas of historical figures, one of them being Joan-of-Arc. This wax figure bears an uncanny resemblance to a recently deceased woman (Carolyn Jones), her ear-ring being a dead giveaway, and her good friend (Phyllis Kirk) has grave suspicions about the true identity of the wax figure, and is determined to solve the mystery. Jarrod is found out and meets a just, if undignified end.

Vincent Price is a kind and gentle sculptor of immense talent who fate turns into an evil, macabre entrepreneur. Roy Roberts is the oily, greedy partner who winds up in the museum himself. The supporting cast is very good and the 3D effects and color lensing are of top quality.

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