Online Poker

Here are some the basic building blocks of a good online poker strategy:

To have a good real poker strategy, an online poker player should have a conscious or unconscious understanding of odds and expectation. Of course, these numbers are not often as clear-cut as in other casino games. It's likely that you would have to work with the numbers mechanically before they become second nature to you.

Pot odds are really just another way of looking at expectation. It compares the amount of money in the pot to the amount of money you would have put in to continue playing. It helps answer the eternal question in real poker strategy: "Is it worth it to continue in this hand?" To answer that, you always have to have a sense of card odds. Lets say the pot contains $100 and you need to put in $10 to continue playing. The pot odds are 10 - 1. If you have a better chance of winning than that, it's worth calling. When the card odds are better than the pot odds, it makes good online poker strategy sense to get out. Have a 25-1 chance of getting that inside straight? Time to fold.

Brief History of Poker

Poker, probably the favorite home card game in the U.S., is today a uniquely American game. People associate it mainly with the settling of the Western frontier, but it has been linked to U.S. history since colonial times, when decks of playing cards (like tea) had to be imported from England and were subject to a heavy excise tax. It was, in fact, illegal to manufacture decks of cards in the American colonies.

Today poker is played in more variations than probably any other game. Its phrases are part of our common speech. We named a facial expression after it. It has its own World Series, when the best players compete in tournaments over 14 days. While other games may have entered the scene, the irresistibility of poker rules.

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