Pocket Bikes

All About Pocket Bike Racing

Many people from around the world enjoy racing their pocket bikes. Pocket mini bikes aren't slow, lumbering mini-bikes. The more powerful ones are made not just for adults and more experienced riders, but also for adult racers. Younger racers who possess a high degree of training, skill, and dexterity also happily race on pocket bikes. While they may look entirely physically proportional sitting on them, younger children may not be able to safely operate the full-sized hand controls. There are pocket bikes, though, which are less powerful and can be enjoyed by parentally supervised children.

In addition to offering astounding racing performances, the reason pocket mini bikes are such incredible racing machines is because of their size. These machines can often go faster in M.P.H. than they weigh in pounds. You can show up at a race with your ride carried in your arms. You do not need to rely on trucks or trailers to transport your racing vehicle. All you have to do is place it on the backseat or in the trunk. It fits quite nicely even in the back of a small car. Yet, make no mistake - gas powered pocket bikes are extremely fast and tough in competitions.

While mini pocket bikes are not street-legal in most areas-that is, you cannot legally ride a pocket bike down the street-there are many options for legally racing your gas powered pocket bike with friends and even in competitions. A racing sanctioning body has been established to promote racing in North America called NAPRA, the North American Pocket Bike Racing Association. Go-kart tracks offer a road racecourse that is perfectly scaled to pocket bikes. You can give your local go-kart track a call or get in touch with NAPRA itself to see if any tracks or leagues are offering racing in your area. Major kart tracks across the country have adopted pocket bike racing, and there are sure to be more as the national interest in pocket grows with every passing day.

Of course, not everyone in North America has the luxury of living near a decent scale racing facility or a go-kart track. But fear not, since pocket bikes, being so small in scale, can often be raced in a parking lot. All it takes is a decent-sized, unobstructed, smooth parking lot with no major obstructions or light poles to race pocket bikes. This method of mini pocket bike racing can be a cost-effective and convenient solution for every pocket bike owner. You can even construct your own course by placing orange cones as course markers.

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