Texas Holdem Poker

While texas holdem's huge success shows that it was an excellent choice as world championship game, it is interesting to speculate how different things might be today if no-limit seven-card stud had been invented in 1960 say, instead of 1998. Like texas holdem, mississippi plays equally well at any limit and it is arguable that if it had been an established game back then, it may well have been selected in 1971 to decide the world championship instead of holdem poker games. After all, texas holdem poker had been around for thirty or forty years in 1971, but even on it's home ground in the south-west of the USA it remained far less popular than seven-card stud until it was made world championship game.

Sequence of Texas Holdem Poker

1.The Players to the left of the Dealer begin by posting the blind bets.
2.Two pocket cards are dealt to each Player - face-down
3.First round of betting - options are to fold, bet, or raise.
Only one bet, and three raises per Player are allowed on the first round.
Players cannot "check" in the first round, as Blinds are bets, and not antes.
4.Three communal cards (flop) are dealt face-up in the center of the table. All communal cards are active for all Players and can be used in combination with each Player's two cards.
5.Second round of betting - options are to check, fold, bet, or raise.
6.Fourth communal card (Turn) is dealt face-up.
7.Third round of betting - options are to check, fold, bet, or raise.
8.If, at this stage, there are still at least two vying Players, the fifth, and final communal card (River) is dealt face-up.
9.Final round of betting follows.
10.The Showdown! All remaining Players then create the best five-card hand possible. You can use:
Both pocket cards and three communal cards
One pocket card and four communal cards
All five communal cards
11.The best hand wins the pot! If two or more Players have the same winning hand, the pot is split equally between them.

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