Open Bazaar announces roadmap for 2018

OB1 announces further plans for the Open Bazaar protocol. On the roadmap are the exploration of new platforms, better functions, an own token and a foundation for further development.

Open Bazaar is an open source protocol for a decentralized e-commerce marketplace. The users get in direct contact with each other via Open Bazaar. This means that there is no centralized party that manages money or goods. Buyers and sellers do not have Bitcoin Evolution to trust each other or a third party. Instead, cryptographic mechanisms ensure the integrity of the data. Payments are made with crypto currencies and held in escrow by multi-signature wallets.

In this respect, Open Bazaar for marketplaces represents a similar development to BitTorrent compared to Napster. In Napster, the data was still stored on central servers, while BitTorrent is completely decentralized.

Open Bazaar comes to mobile Bitcoin Evolution

As a priority for 2018, the project aims to expand to other Bitcoin Evolution platforms. First, it wants to provide integration for mobile devices. So far, no application has existed because Open Bazaar is to be kept decentralized – this requires the user to operate a full node. A mobile application with a built-in Open Bazaar Node will be developed in 2018.

The same applies to a browser application. Here, however, the matter is even more complicated. One possibility is to execute IPFS with Java Script and thus enable the use of Open Bazaar in the browser. Browser integration, however, is a larger project that will probably last until the beginning of 2019. The first step is a browse-only version in the browser, followed by a buy-only version and finally a full Open Bazaar node in the browser.

With more platforms, Open Bazaar will be made available Bitcoin Evolution to a larger audience. Currently, one has to download a desktop client to use it.

Better searches through an incentive system
Open Bazaar wants to introduce its own token to reward users for compiling search lists. These search lists should make the platform clearer and more user-friendly. The token system provides an incentive, similar to the Steemit platform.

Crypto currencies as a separate category
So far Open Bazaar offers physical goods, digital goods and services for sale. It is planned to introduce a fourth category, namely crypto currencies. Open Bazaar is thus also changing in the direction of a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) for crypto currencies.

In addition, automated purchases of digital goods are being sought. This means, for example, that when buying a song, the seller does not have to take any manual steps. Instead, the song is automatically available to the buyer after payment with a crypto currency. This feature therefore reduces the workload and at the same time reduces the trust required between buyer and seller.

Further plans for the future
Currently, development is being driven forward primarily by OB1. As a decentralized marketplace, the company now wants to successively reduce its role. A non-profit organization is to take its place. In this way, the project will be handed over to the community and further professionalized. Bug bounties, improved documentation and improved support are intended to ensure that Open Bazaar will face a secure future.